Chiffon #74. Flamin’ Mugs



I had one of those weeks. Pretending. What do the Olympic Torch Relay, Tibet and Anzac Day have in common? Nothing apart from the fact they all dropped on our doorstep at the same time and seemed to present issues of human rights violations as well as celebrating our soldier”s role in conflicts around the world. The Chinese Olympic torch, as well as its officials, were welcomed by our very own recipients of human rights abuse, already forgotten since we said sorry the other day.

I suppose one would have to go along with the statements that the games are not political but they are about sports, and not upsetting our biggest trading partner for fear of buggering up our economy, which would invariably bring the government into disrepute, which would generally effect all members of both houses, which would probably have an effect on the population who have to elect our politicians, so! I guess it’s not all about sports either.

The march went ahead as usual but there was a dampener put on that when the N.S.W. BRANCH of the RSL deemed it inappropriate for the families to march with the diggers and it was hard to take the idea of women and kids to the back of the line, especially when it was the kiddies’ future freedom the diggers went to war to defend and preserve.

The PRIME MINISTER, CAPTAIN K.RUDD, announced a bit of a review of tax laws and I think it is called for, so why shouldn”t a person be considered in the business of earning a living? Consider how telephones and computers are marketed. They have a basic flat rate and for each function there is a cost and for each bit of information a cost to store knowledge, a cost to display things, a cost to talk, a cost to watch, a cost to listen, a cost per minute or hour to perform tasks. What if employees charged an additional fee every time they had to perform a function? Would any other person in business (an employer) accept this? Probably not, but we all pay Telstra in order to do these things, so where”s the harm?

Needs work and probably won’t work, but I guess it’s not working brilliantly, that”s why there is going to be a tax increase, I mean overhaul.

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