All hands (Gertrude, Johnboy, Kandy A and Jim Boots) are on deck to meet Sanjiva de Silva, an extraordinary young man: musician, poet/rapper, lawyer, father, and passionate advocate of self-expression and universal justice. His wife Alice and son Oliver join us briefly too.

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Sanji playing live at the Lighthouse.

Sanji plays seven of his songs live in the studio. Mobile phones go off in the middle of songs. Johnboy is terribly hungover. Gertrude and Kandy A are under the weather. Everyone forgets to call Jim Boots by his proper name. Ghandi’s name is bandied, but not in vain.

Track list

Juliette. 1:45

Start Tripping. 12:48

So Far. 23:16

Amen. 34:37

The Halls of Power. 52:36

Not in my Name. 59:36

In the Name of the Lord. 69:30

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