Tango Futur

Canberra International Music Festival, Llewelyn Hall, Thursday 14th may

by Thor Diesendorf

Tango Futur

Tango Futur are a group of four musicians playing bandoneon, saxophone, double bass and piano. They were each clearly very skilled and their performance together was tight. The bandoneon player was entertaining, pulling some amazing glum expressions, nearly tripping over things on stage and he knocked over his bandoneon, but everything came alright when he smiled. I enjoyed the playing and the musicians got a lot out of their instruments so I really wanted to be blown away, but nearly all the tango they played was fast and complicated with a lot going on in the background. It didn’t get me emotionally involved. A few more slow passionate numbers would have helped.

It was my first time in the refurbished Llewelyn Hall, and they have done well with spotted gum timber flooring, light ply ceiling panels and bright red seats. We sat right up the front in the second half and the sound was heaps clearer than where we had been, about nine rows back where I think the amplification was mixing with the live sound giving a blurry effect. I thought the stage lighting was too bright – it didn’t give it any of that smoky bar feel where tango had its roots. A smaller venue would have given a more intense feel as Llewelyn Hall was only around one third full.

Overall I would recommend this performance to anyone who appreciates their tango a little more on the intellectual side.

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