Gertrude’s Diary #76 – Ideas

Gertrude's Diary

Remember last week when I was feeling stretched and strained and unable to write”? Well, I’m back again.

Here’s a snapshot of a few inspirational moments from the last week.” I’ve been concentrating my attention on improving the Australian drama scene.

For instance, I’d really like to see Kerry Armstrong playing the role of battling mum from Bankstown who supplements her Parenting Payment with a bit of crack manufacturing.” It could be called:” Bed of Methamphetamines.

Or how about a real challenge to the status quo”? I think some of our best loved TV personalities aren’t getting the exposure they deserve.” Some ‘outside-the-box’ thinking is required, and I’ve done it.” Picture this:” the story of a struggling market-gardener whose fortune’s are reversed when he decides to grow legumes.” Put Jamie Durie in the lead role, and call it:” Pea Change.

I also believe that some of our classic old police dramas could do with a bit of sprucing up and some overseas marketing.” Let’s not keep all the talent to ourselves!” I think a remake of Division 4, but with a futuristic, science-fiction twist.” Kind of like the X-Files but with brown trousers.” We could call it:” Division 51

I’m really rolling now.” How about we get a bunch of wierdos, put them into some laughably flimsy sets, give them some lifeless and banal dialogue to speak, lots of boring middle-class values, and – oh wait.” Neighbours is still going.

Okay, inspiration dried up again.” Look for Gertrude on Sunday morning – that’s only 3 days until the next much anticipated instalment!” I’m going to be turning my attention to great Australian Literature and how it could be improved for a modern market.” I wonder how Henry Lawson would”have written if he was an ice addict instead of an alcoholic”?

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