Our special guest this week was supposed to be local slide blues guitar man, Owen Campbell, but he didn”t show (though he did call during the pod ” stuck in Queanbeyan). Beware the wrath of the Insatiable Banalities crew scorned. We flay Campbell (and his enormous penis) mercilessly but are still willing to play three of his recorded tracks, back-announcing most of them incorrectly however. Check the track list for accurate song titles.

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Owen Campbell
Owen Campbell in the IB studio (on a different day)

Unusually, we have a quick sport update, congratulating (Australian fast bowler) Jason Gillespie on his (at the time) score of 98 (he went on to make a double hundred) and regretting the Brumbies loss in Sydney. We veer back to higher culture with a quick summary of the Archibald Prize from Johnboy, followed by a Folk Festival wrap-up from Jim Boots, then the sole banality ” the exciting news that the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission”s suspension of its operation trawling bars for drunks.

We received another post card from Tom in Fort Lincoln (US) asking for info on local pubs so he can get his heavy drinking underway without delay when he moves here to Canberra. We run through the good, the bad and the Mooseheads of Canberra”s pubs, clubs, bars etc.

After three Owen Campbell songs, we move to a couple of Matt Dent’s songs, recorded previously in the IB studio.

Track list

Owen Campbell, President’s Men. 4:46

Owen Campbell, Mean Old Devil and a Futile God. 13:28

Owen Campbell, Postcard from a Cell. 32:43

Matt Dent, What we Got. 48:14

Matt Dent, Walking on the Shoreline. 60:57

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