Gertrude’s Diary #77 – No Idea

Gertrude's Diary

This life we lead is a good life.” But there is too much of it for me.” I admire the strong and brave who can fill their lives with ever more sophisticated and expensive surroundings, who can plough through their days earning and buying, achieving great things.” In my view, greatness is conferred simply by the act of holding down full-time employment.” I’m mystified by how I used to do it.

If you have”a domestic life, then you’ll work several more hours around the home in addition to your forty-hour week at work.” If you’ve spent your hard-earned”money”in typical style then you should have lots of things to dust and clean and care for.” If you have children, then most likely they will already have accumulated more possessions than seems humanly possible.” You can spend your “time-off” nagging them to”attend to the enormous tide of brightly coloured objects that is creeping from their bedroom.” Or you could do it yourself.”

Alternatively, you may like to spend evenings and weekends taking your offspring to extra-curricular activities.” At least you might get a little time for self-examination and introspection as you wait by a freezing playing field for a couple of hours.

Of course you could dispense with all this toil by having enough money to employ other people to do it for you.” In that case, it is best to acquire the money other than through having to”earn it; I mean why draw the line at housework”? Sure, some overquoted poet”“once said, “work is love made visible”, but what did he know?

Even if there was enough time and money to enjoy them, there are too many things to own.” iPods and flat-screens.””Laptops and new cars.” They’re nice things to have and like I said, I sincerely admire the triumphant ones who have them.”

So I’m not sure why possessions should feel like rivets on my heart, changing the shape of my desires, welding me to”ideas that lead away from simplicity and humility.” Away from what my soul craves.

Whatever you do, dear reader, don’t make the mistake of thinking anything you read here holds any insight or wisdom.” If there is a secret knack to living this rich and opulent life, then I don’t know what it is.”

I”really have no idea.

One Response to “Gertrude’s Diary #77 – No Idea”

  1. Damn! I was hoping someone had an idea, its seems like only yesterday that everyone had them. Is it the ongoing drought or perhaps the now rather obvious realisation that oil isn’t going to last forever that has led to the dearth of really good ideas?

    Perhaps the good life has been too good. Perhaps we have been lulled into believing all the difficult things in life can be solved by walking into the Canberra Centre and buying something. Too much time spent at the altar of consumption results in too little time to do anything meaningful.


    APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
    Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
    Memory and desire,

    perhaps they all are cruel.