Liz Frencham and Robbie Long gig

Friday 20/6, Merry Muse

by Tess McDonald

Friday night saw the Muse pack with folkies and others, lapping Polish beer to the sounds of the delightful Liz Frencham and Robbie Long, who are on their double CD-launch “Snapshots of You and Me” tour.

The stage was warmed by the enthusiastic Acoustic Rodeo Clowns.” The Clowns put out a mixed bag of bluegrass originals and covers that had one couple up and dancing, until the need for more chairs put an end to the dance floor.

The main act was Liz Frencham and Robbie Long, who performed together, separately and with a string of guests including the well-loved Andrew Clermont and Fred Smith, Steve Vella and PJ Wolf.

Liz managed to be only slightly distracted by her fianc” (Vella) behind the sound desk, with whom she performed one song.” Meanwhile, Robbie Long kept the bad puns flowing, and in between played brilliantly, demonstrating the skill that won him the title of 2008 National Blue Grass champion.” As the gig wore on, Andrew Clermont spent more and more time on stage, accompanied by his violin and a small dancing figurine that he displayed periodically to the audience.

All in all a pleasant if somewhat unfocused show that finished well past my bedtime, and that of some of the older folk who left during the break.

One Response to “Liz Frencham and Robbie Long gig”

  1. Just a minor point of clarification: Robbie Long is the 2008 Australian Flat Pick Guitar Champion.

    And yes, Andrew Clermont was very taken with his dancing figurine (a couple of us got a preview before he went on). I neglected to ask the obvious question: ‘What the f…?!’

    There were still a fair few crusties around for the long haul until stumps. Surely 11.30pm’s not that late for a Friday night?!