Chiffon #78. Some Girls



Well what do you know? The Demo cats, the weal keep the bastards, honest bastards, honest. Yeah right oh, whatever. It did not work. And few people remember Don Chip starting it up. But they do notice Natasha despot. Natasha stott destro ya. You know the little blonde one wrapping it up. But, really, thanks for the G.S.T. Meg.

Finally it looks as if neglect of children is becoming topical as two women appear in courts. Now these are not recipients of Johnny Howard’s intervention policy, nor are they from far flung communities. These are our suburbs. I have lived in both of the cities concerned and sadly these are not the worst nor are they isolated incidents. It is in my opinion the problem of a society that has been focused on pointing the finger of blame so as to avoid taking responsibility. Here is a list of what Australians have been focused on just recently:

cost of living
Interest rates
Photographs by a reputable artist
American election
Kevin Rudd and petrol prices
The Olympics
Breast cancer
Britney spears and Paris Hilton
And more locally the winter and ski season, school closures as well as the local government fuck ups and name-calling
Drinking and smoking and gambling.

Aside from not really wanting to include children specifically one has to acknowledge the variety of excuses attributed with causing this situation. On examination they themselves hide the problem, proving my point – people do not want to accept their role. It’s as if they may somehow be making a stain upon their own sense of propriety. Where is the love? Not your dog food variety but your Ecclesiastes type, or to word it differently Agape.

You know I really don’t give a stuff about any of this shit really. I made a noise about priorities and the direction society has been heading in a long time ago and have been conscious of the fact that evil does in fact exist. The question is how do you recognise it before it is recognisable? No one listened, in fact I got treated like some subversive radical. They will get no sympathy from me.

It seems we do indeed live in a society that sacrifices children quite readily all because of the interests of the machine (society). So where is the evil? What is the evil? Who really is evil? Adam, Eve, snake or the apple? Perhaps the answer is in the asking of the question.

Speaking of evil, nooo! I am kidding, the American presidential race has finally become a black and white affair, a simple coin toss, you would think? It will be interesting to see what is said about who wins as well as who loses after all the razzamatazz and broo haha as well as the tinsel have settled. Ultimately I don’t think the black candidate will win, not because he is black but because the other guy is whiter after the tinsel settles.

I remember when there was a raging argument about the appropriateness of children tee vee stars and what would happen to those individuals and the people who watched them as they grew up. Well now we know. A society obsessed with highlighting children as well as their worst fears. Depraved perverts were doing disgusting things to children long before tee vee started putting children in adult environments, which I think is abusive. I am lucky to have survived my childhood and in fact I ave some funny opinions at times.

I went past a religious store in Wagga plastered all over the windows were scenes of naked children, apparently from the walls of a church (like that makes it O.K.), frolicking about in what could be clouds. Admittedly they were painted by Michelangelo. It is a wonder our leader Capt. k Rudd hasn’t withdrawn our funding of cultural exchange with that country. I would have suggested withdrawing our diplomatic mission, but the thought of Amanda back in this country (that’s abuse) does not bear thinking about.

Luff Chiffon xxx.

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