Birthing Pains

Hello and welcome to the new home of the web site formally known as It’s now known as, a domain that I registered with a kosher registrar, rather than allowing my #@#%*))% former web hosts to do it for me resulting in them owning it and not me. You live and learn. My new web hosts, (a relative of have so far been very helpful in getting the site transferred and running smoothly and, at $20/mth for 2 gig of data storage and unlimited traffic, are in the cheap range between dirt and insane. They’re mostly set up for bands to make quick easy template sites, well worth a look if you’re thinking of making a site. And no, they’re not giving me any discount to say that.

As you can probably deduce, besides looking completely different, the site is pretty much exactly the same as it was. Those of you sensitive to large slabs of red at each side of a page will be grateful to Johnboy of RiotACT for his influence in that regard. Feel free to comment if you can’t stand large slabs of steel grey. Speaking of which, we welcome Johnboy back to Canberra, he having recently reassumed the mantle of editor in chief of that august, in Canberra weblog terms, institution. Apparently he’s being paid this time, something he always deserved, and something only time will tell about whether the little blog that roars ‘Riot!’ can afford. We wish him and it well.

If you’re reading back through the site a little ways, you will find instances of apostrophes turning into a series of question marks, as in ‘”?’. This is apparently a result of the incorrect charset being used when uploading the database. If your mind is now doing a version of ‘”?’, welcome to my world, but the good news is my new web hosts think they can fix it soon. If anyone knows how to extend my left and right sidebars all the way to the bottom of the page, I will buy you a six pack.

One Response to “Birthing Pains”

  1. oooh well done on carrying over the userids!

    That’s worth a few ?????

    Sidebars there are many ugly kludges for, you could just run some blank tables at the after the sidebar content with large height functions.

    But a real web-nerd might have something more elegant.