Scenic Roots

Beth ‘n’ Ben CD Launch @ The Polish White Eagle Club, Fri 11th Oct, 2013
by Anon

Last Friday night at the Polish club was the EP launch for one of the Canberra music scene’s most cherished musical acts, Beth n Ben, pushing their latest material out from the recording studio nest, willing it to take flight up into the quickly chilling Canberra night sky.

Brother Be opened the night fantastically, serenading the Canberra rabble ambling in through the Polish Club’s welcoming foyer. Those unfortunate enough not to arrive early enough to catch the first act missed a great up and coming, fun and folky rock band; complete with an instrument swapping bassist, a dreamy uke-playing frontman and a swag of generally infectious foot-stomp-inducing tunes. The band’s final hand-clapping number finally got the constantly swelling crowd off the back wall and on to the dance floor, a place which, once found, was only briefly left throughout the rest of the night, to pop next door to check on the perogi or to procure another half-litre bottle of that fine polish ale. Brother Be were a great way to kick off a night of warm roots- and funk-driven tunes.

Beth n Ben were what the punters came for though and right from the start they proved why they area one of the mainstays of the Canberra music scene. The duelling guitars and wholesome harmonies drifted in and through the crowd, at times setting a swell of sways to the back of the hall and at others imploring even the more leaden-footed of those assembled to do their best to move. Complete with keys and a two-man brass section (not to mention a bass player replete in a Totoro onesy), Beth n Ben progressed through the full range of their melodic and energetic hits, from folksy ballads to the funk-fuelled heaving rockers. There were salutes to the past, winks to the future and a warm smile left on the faces nestled under the twinkling fairy lights.

After Beth n Ben had left all in attendance with the warm earthy glow that they are so well-loved for, it was time to shake off whatever was left of the crowd’s collective inhibitions and soak in a little Party Gravy before being released on to the waiting night. Party Gravy had those keen to dance pouring to the front of the stage to immerse themselves in the soulful brassy vibes. The full-body shuffling was contagious and the pulsing energy made it a vastly enjoyable way to round off another great night at the Polo. As the sweat continued to pour out, it quickly became time to stumble a retreat homewards, or off in to the night.

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