Chiffon #79. Hard Done By



I was home the other night when my friend who was having a bath called out asking me to boil some hot water which I did. It was very cold and yes, if you are going to languish in the tub, one definitely needs to top it up to keep it hot. The bath heater is not big and you are hard pressed even getting a bath in winter. To cut a long story short the water was cold and it put her in quite a foul mood and although I know it is not pleasant, it was still only just a bath.

And then while I was watching a news bulletin I heard a woman complaining that when she turned up to the hospital to have her baby she was told by hospital staff she had to travel one hundred miles away to birth (not ‘have a baby’). I was livid. How unjust, cruel, heartless, can life be? That poor woman. Someone should tell her she could stay at home.

But! I hear you mutter, save it! When did we start thinking having a baby requires hospitalisation? In fact when you think about what is wrong with our society  stuff like this contributes and we are full of it. An advertisement for one of our whiter than white soapies speculated over whether a pregnancy was the ex-husbands or the fiancé. This show appears every evening in prime time.

This to my mind sends a message that it is all right to be in that situation, sticky as it may be. What about waiting a couple of weeks, months, years, forgetting about it and writing scripts that encourage the millions who must watch it to participate in the wide and colourful tapestry that is life, not fuck around, and they should acknowledge what Kev suggested and let children and their childhood be protected. And that would include pregnant woman.

Maybe the problem is they can’t find actors but get kids to pretend with the odd legitimate adult actor and justify it by thrusting some random kid at America England (mega stardom) hoping to recreate Jason or Kylie. I know that might not be what they do but I can’t think of any thing else to justify what they are doing. Some people actually think that what they see on TV is what should be done, It’s like a training manual for dare I say it the prime time viewers, mum, dad and the kids, four, five, thirteen, sixteen year old kids.

My friend has three daughters and they all seem to watch shit. They eat crap and do what their friends do, eat shit and watch crap. They say they are more mature than we were. They are more interested in what Snoop Doggy as well as any other Oxford educated, highly decorated and internationally renown gangsta rappah is doing and they do it digitally. Digitally.

You know there is something that is missing and that might be why man is trying to disprove the bible and establish himself as the ants pants, the best thing since sliced bread. Man seems to think he controls childbirth, nudity is wrong, up is down, they can save time, turn night into day , control  weather (make snow). Fuck me man is all around us, even on mars, the moon under the ocean. What an arrogant species we are if not some what deluded.

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