Carny Immortalised in Song?

My mate John over at RiotACT has had the terrific idea of asking local musos to enter a song writing competition called ‘The Ballad of Todd Carney’. The only flaw I can see is that most musicians (and most sane people) have no idea who Todd Carney is, notwithstanding RiotACT’s relentless coverage. References to ‘doing a Carney’ and ‘going all Carney on yo ass’ etc. initially had me bemused. Were they talking about carnival folk?

Rather it appears to be another hopeful attempt to raise into the lexicon a phrase derived from the name/deeds of a sporting moron. A recent(ish) contender, ‘the Hopoate’ – to poke your finger up your mate’s anus, doesn’t seem to have taken hold, perhaps for the lack of occasions suitable for its use. ‘Doing a Carney’ could mean all manner of moronic behaviour, the champion footballer apparently being quite a dick when he’s drunk, but the RiotACT are pressing for it to assume the meaning ‘to urinate’ or ‘to urinate on people’, I’m not sure which, although the allegation is that Todd was responsible for some unscheduled irrigation works at Old Bald Nun recently. Here’s my entry:

Put away your penis mister

You’re not in the dunny, that bloke’s not the pisser

That girl’s not a girl and you shouldn’t have kissed her

But thanks for the John Hopoate

2 Responses to “Carny Immortalised in Song?”

  1. I think you’re underestimating the material Todd Carney provides, it’s not just one incident.

    Here’s his wikipedia entry.

    There’s the drunken burnouts in Goulburn, the running away from the law, the captaincy of the young kangaroos, to say nothing of recent allegations that he barks at women.

    If you can’t write a song about this you’re not the songwriters I think you are.

  2. And we have a first entry