Coffee Bitch #46. My Rainbow Dreams, Dickson

Coffee Bitch

one and a half beans

My Rainbow Dreams

I can almost hear the ambient “spiritual” music. However it is successfully over-run by a pumping industrial techno drink fridge. The middle of a shopping centre is possibly not the best place to chase rainbows.

Within twenty metres of this cafe are four others. You’d think some effort would be made. Surprise!

Coffee Sucks.

Stale beans. Dead milk. There is some homey looking vegie food that doesn’t seem too over-priced. This place seems popular with the grannies. I think it is the health food look the grannies are after. Rattling with pills, they seek the feel-good. How many carrot cake credits to write off those lollies hoovered yesterday?

One Response to “Coffee Bitch #46. My Rainbow Dreams, Dickson”

  1. I am sorry you didnt enjoy your coffee. Maybe next time you could tell us and we
    could make you another.