Our guests are Davo, Tommo and Norro of The VeeBees. Only a couple of songs are live, and those a bare approximation of the VeeBees musical style (fun nevertheless), but we reel off a few tracks from their CD’s, ‘Crack US Another’ and ‘Get it in Ya’. There is also a little solo track played by Davo on a strange bubbling instrument.

Topics discussed include beer bong construction, high-altitude nudity, the many euphemisms for masturbation (gleaned from the VeeBees’ song ‘Bashin’ the Bishop’ and, as usual, blow jobs.

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Recorded on Tuesday 30th May, 2006

Davo, Tommo and Norro
Tommo’s the ‘shagger’ in the band. Bunno and Sharko get friendly.

Track List:

4 Days in Fyshwick. 5:04
Beer O’clock. 16:21
Drive Thru Bottlo. 23:14
Bashin’ the Bishop. 30:53
Drinkin’ Problem. 43:28
Are You Ready to Hate Us (Jed Whitey). 54:35
Aussie Beef Snags. 62:49

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