Culturazi: Tom Piotrowski ‘Cult Figure’

It’s nice to see Tom Piotrowski, Channel Ten’s late news finance reporter, expanding his repertoire beyond his trademark funny hair, mad staring eyes and disjointed delivery. In his recent appearances on Rove, Piotrowski appears to be branching out into comedy. Is this the first instance of finance news stand-up in the world?

Tom first came to Culturazi’s attention a few years back because of his appearance, mainly his hair which, despite a bizarre combed-back wiggishness, betrayed all the signs of an eighties-style ponytail. Tom has confirmed that his hair is actually real and he really does have a ponytail, unless of course this is a hoax myspace in which case the enigma of Tom’s hair remains. Tres fashionable and hip the ponytail may (or may not) be but, combined with his nervy, uncomfortable disposition, it conspires miraculously to make for some very watchable television. This guy will become a cult figure thought I.

I was watching avidly one evening when Piotrowski gave a live report and something went a little astray in the neurons, as captured below by the magic of uTube (watch for stray neurons at 0:45 in the clip).

Now that is good television.

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