Coffee Bitch #50. Guru, Canberra Centre

Coffee Bitch

two and a half beans

Guru, Canberra Centre

No one likes a franchise really. No one with a brain.

However there is no sign of complacency in the mix here. In some cases the individuality and efforts of the barista can wrangle something palatable from the provisions and standardisations of the corporate corrale. This particular cafe without walls is perched central to central in the Canberra Centre, street level. This, babe, is a filling station for passing, hovering, and occasionally sitting city workers.

They keep it busy.

This place operates before shoppers. The coffee isn’t too bad. There is almost some character in the palate, however the milk was tired. So it didn’t carry.

If you happen to sit you find yourself able to spy on the food court below, or look up to the sunlight streaming into this Strand-style arcade.

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