Pasha’s Lounge

For whatever reason, only about 50 people turned up for the CMC’s second show (following the resounding success of the Cashews cd launch the week before it was bound to be an anti-climax), but Pasha’s was still a great evening (I reckon, and yes, I admit bias) and the CMC will be hiring the DNA Studio again in the future.

Lounge was the operative word for the evening, with the RiotACT crew going so far as to bring their own futon and bedding. That some of them took the opportunity to catch a few z’s was more a reflection of their drinking habits combined with soporific cosiness than any reflection on the music which was outstanding (out of modesty I exclude my own band from that comment). I took a few pictures, just a small selection because I was too busy unfortunately, but we do have (single camera fixed) video and a multi-track recording of the whole show which might see the light of day one day. Click the picture to see the gallery. And more pictures at RiotACT here.

Pasha's Lounge

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