The Cashews CD Launch – A Review

The Cashews CD Launch, Corroboree Park Hall,16th Aug, 2008

by Skip

The evening was crisp – fortunately, I had my scarf.

And so, four years after Pete Lyon and Alison Procter formed The Cashews duo to win a competition, I braved the weather to witness one of the longest-awaited album launches in the Canberra music scene. I certainly wasn’t the only one. In fact, a veritable swathe of forearms were already imprinted with smiling red cashews.

But, where were they? I had glimpsed a corner of piggy tail, but pink was not the colour I remembered. Then, a further glimpse of dimples and strangely perfect teeth. I tensed. Was it them? Were these mirages the very same acoustic nuts I expected? Perhaps they were, but I wanted no longer to dwell, and so chatted aimlessly with friends.

Suddenly, there was another flash of pink and the crowd spun toward a table in the corner of the room. It was she! It was he! It was they! The crowd cheered and I followed suit. In the excitement, I may have spilled a little wine on my trousers. In all respects, it was a definite trend for the evening.

Of course, the Cashews arguably couldn’t have entertained for the entire seven hours of gig. Fortunately, they had arranged for a myriad of supporting acts (bar nuts, perhaps) to provide short, but fun-filled, sets of and wildly varied Cashews covers. Hashemoto covered Cotter River to a swooning crowd and Wedded Bliss provided a uniquely countrified version of This Gig. They were obvious crowd favourites, but this reviewer is not afraid to admit a tear at the heartfelt proposal of Andrew Walker and many a chuckle while watching Mr Fibby’s inspired Ten Day Tour (with threatening of small children, to boot).

Of course, even given the sheer variety (did I mentioned the gorilla suit and the craft room and the dancing yet?) of the evening, the true stars were always going to be The Cashews themselves: the omnipresent duo practically effervesced with charm. Even toward the later hours, each time they played, there was something about the twinkle in their smiles and the joy in their eyes that lingers with me even now.

It was truly a wonderful day and I doubt that even The Cashews themselves could have imagined it when they planted those seeds four years ago. Then again, as Paul Kelly said: ‘from little things, big things grow’.

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