Coffee Bitch #51. Fuel, Manuka

Coffee Bitch

three beans

Fuel, Manuka

Ah, Manuka, still a style centre.

I haven’t counted the number of cafes in Manuka lately. Now, however, I was able to cruise and choose a sun-catching table on a late winter afternoon. Choice.

Service is good here. The coffee sucks. Am I supposed to be impressed simply with being here and accept this disaster? Not this puppy. Yek. Assimilated chalk dust and floor sweepings roasted ground and stewed.

The actions are there, the visual result looks something like coffee, the content… vacuous. I can’t blame the robots, like I said, service is good.

So what goes on? This coffee shows as much interest in my palate as an exhausted sex-worker in their next client. Two things are obvious. The milk’s burnt and the beans have been well and truly round the block. And then around again.

Any good barrista will tell you, once the milk’s burnt it may as well be tossed. No matter what you do it’s going to fail. You may notice that not even furry bird killers are interested in burnt milk.

Style-wise, the name works. Fuel. Certainly topical.

People! In a town that does winter like ours, metal furniture is just not welcoming or comfortable to use. Cold. Duh.

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