How to Combat Unscrupulous Credit Offerings

Any discourse about falling national savings rates and growing personal indebtedness can’t help but include observations of the increasingly shrill blandishments of the more Walmarty retailers to come in and buy their stuff for no cash down, with little financial probity and no interest paid till beyond when most people can speculate as to the bona fides of their financial position. With planned obsolescence passing for intelligent design these days, one imagines that whatever consumable has been purchased in this manner will have long since ceased to have any value by the time the repayments kick in.

It’s frightening the way people are sucked into debt for meaningless acquisitions, but it’s understandable, given the intensity of the advertising avalanche, the brutality of the pitch and the general gullibility of the Australian public. ‘NO INTEREST TILL 2012!!’ ‘NO INTEREST TILL 2012!!’ ‘NO INTEREST TILL 2012!!’. If you watch commercial tv for a day, you will hear this phrase about 500 times, equaled only by ‘the abs you want’ and ‘funerals can cost anything up to $6000′.

If you are feeling tempted to go and splurge nothing up front on a new plasma screen when you have a perfectly good trinitron, worry not for help is at hand and it comes direct from those who are tempting you in the first place. ‘NO INTEREST TILL 2012!!’ they say, and they’re right, as in ‘I have no interest in buying a new plasma, lounge suite, cook top or vacuum cleaner until 2012!!’ Try it. It’s fun. ‘I HAVE NO INTEREST TILL 2012!!’ Laugh in the face of their enticements. Hehe. Haha. ‘I HAVE NO INTEREST TILL 2012!!’ ‘I HAVE NO INTEREST TILL 2012!!’ ‘I HAVE NO INTERES..’

Warning: repeated iteration may cause facial spasms!

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