Coffee Bitch #52. A Bite to Eat, Chifley

Coffee Bitch

two beans

A Bite to Eat

Due to technical problems I’ve had the opportunity to order coffee on more than one occasion at this cafe.

Same verdict. Total. Fucking. Bullshit.

This place is probably the best kept secret of a couple of thousand Canberra foodies. However the ‘coffee’ sucks. To put it more specifically the person making the ‘coffee’ is fucked in the head. I mean look at it. Darling, and i’m talking to you; why don’t you get a barrista?

For some time I thought there was an exposure problem with the image. Then I realisied it’s the pallid glare shining from a zero caffieine crema.

Why don’t you remove your dithering to a quiet place and let a barrista pump some fucking java? Baby.

Is that harsh? Well I don’t think so.

OK. This place is friendly, spacious, and welcoming. Decor inoffensive.

Very, very busy with apparently loyal clientelle. Rear outdoor space is inviting.

I think Chifley is lucky to have this place, however I feel deeply for those of the coffee persuasion who are suffering from the inverted logic of the shrew.

Good luck. out.

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