Coffee Bitch #53. Gourmet City

Coffee Bitch

three beans

Gourmet City

I suppose this is the bazaar. If life is a movie, with Canberra providing a number of sets, then this is the bazaar scene. Not a bizarre scene.

Nestle’d on a corner ground floor of the bazaar is Gourmet City. Pretty much all counter and deli display.

Quick service and, lo and behold, a coffee that does good coffee things. It’s fresh. Probably an accident.

If it’s good, of course it can be better. We do have roasters in this town. You can get today’s beans. Warm ones. I mean, why aren’t you?

OK, this coffee is bearable. If you sit at the one or two tables on a Friday night, about a thousand people will walk past while you drink one coffee. All the extras hired for the bazaar scene.

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