Chiffon #84. Bling Ka Ching



Well wouldn’t you know it? Just when things looked like they could go haywire, Captain America came along to save the whole world?

Well! Gee whiz, Flash! That’s just not cricket.

I am of course referring generally to the way one super power sees itself and more specifically the American trillion-zillion-dollar bailout with mustard and fries (fuck me until I am fatter than a coyote spending his life living it up on top of Hugh Hefner’s dining table).

These could be the words of Dr Phil: What are we teaching our kids?

What were we thinking, when we let our progeny consume and not produce anything, least of all a school grade year after year and when they get in a bit of trouble, what do ya doooh? Ya just write em a check (a tick of approval)! Aren’t these kids accountable? Etc etcetrah…

I suppose without capitalism, democracy won’t survive. Why not I wonder? Could America finally go broke so it can blame the black guy or the old guy? Tell me, is it capitalist democracy or democratic capitalism (they do mean different things don’t they?) that we are supposed to be supporting for fear of being labelled a tearist?

My sweetheart got a bit testy the other day. She told me to fuck off and so I did and then she rang me up and got a bit testy cause I drove two hundred miles to where I live. Sometimes it just does not pay to take them at their word. Now I don’t want to go back in a hurry for fear she is still going to be a bit too testy for my liking, but you get that. So…

We choose to enjoy the sun coming up and going down and thank god for that welcome break. A good nights sleep works wonders day after day.

Today I am off to a barbeque at my friend Mick’s house. He is an exponent of many things and I know he has an extraordinary ability with the harp, the blues harp that is, and I knew him when he was living them, the blues, not the harp.

Oh yeah I feel I should tell you about the launch of a certain Canberra Musicians Club. It went well, needs tweaking in places, problems were found and solved, over all an enjoyable time was had by all it seems, no shame, well done!

You know I am continually amazed and encouraged by the blind faith, warmth and love that is and was realized through the principles of the event. The nameless volunteers… they certainly won’t remain nameless once this train leaves the station. WELL DONE!

Encore!  Encore!

Well done.


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