Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Sharkie, Mitchee the Kid, Jane Davies, Graham Sorrelle.

Absent: Kandy A (Northern Territory), the guy from the ACT Hep C Council (MIA).

This show’s musical guests are Ben Drysdale, Dan Kempers and Damien Slingsby of Smitten who play six cracking songs and join in the general conversation about such topics as David Williamson plays, the perils of Tuesday morning after a Monday night at the Phoenix and some really bad banalities.

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Recorded on Tuesday 5th September, 2006

Jane, Ben (with Emo hair) and Damien

Gertrude, Mitchee the Kid and Dan

Track List:

Choke. 4:59
6/8. 16:43
Unresolved. 29:01
Yesterday’s Back. 37:58
Wonderland. 47:53
Apples and Grapes. 53:39

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