Olympics Sexfest? My Arse

Did you notice the Olympics? Aussie Aussie Aussie! Yawn yawn yawn!

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An anachronism? A farce? How many of this year’s heroes will be next year’s drug cheats? How many Beijingers had their houses demolished? Can we quantify the dividend in world peace and understanding? Would we be better off diverting sports funding to public health like Canada? Was it the protests over Tibet? The sickeningly jingoistic television coverage? Whatever the reason(s) I just didn’t get the Olympics this time around, as if it had become an irrelevancy in a world with far more pressing concerns than who is the fastest/strongest/most agile man/woman this year. And I missed SBS.

But all that’s just small cheese. My big gripe with the Olympics is all the bragging about sex. How many swimming pools worth of spunk was it again? As if the annual CPAA convention isn’t the sex-fest it isn’t cracked up to be? As if, if you throw any group of adults, hormonally fizzing or not, into a two week long party, there isn’t going to be a smorgasboard of sexual goings on going on. Try three years in your average university college/dorm for crissakes. It’s as if athletes, not content with being faster, stronger, more agile and, let’s face it, more funny looking than the rest of us, have to also be more sexually active than us normal folks.

Tripe! Methinks they protesteth too much. Methinks even World Catholic Youth Day a while back was just as likely a candidate for a grope-fest (lacking the Olympic-sized free condom extravaganza – 100,000 in Beijing – ’twas probably also somewhat of a ‘hope-fest’). Me also thinks Olympic athletes, with their bulging pectoids, menacingly massive white teeth and, in all likelihood, shrunken reproductive organs, are about as sexy as shop window mannequins (no offence to any mannequin fetishists) or, for that matter, young Catholics, though obviously each to their own. Strangely one never hears about rampant sexual activity at the Paralympics? Disabled people are like parents I guess. We know they have sex, we just don’t want to hear about it.

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