INSATIABLE BANALITIES #95. The Fireside Revellers

Present: Jim Boots, John Griffiths, Jess

Our guests are the Rooftop Revellers, being Krista Schmeling, Ed Radcliffe and Pablo Shopen. If you downloaded it automatically from the RSS feed (does anyone do that?), you might want to re-download it because the original file contained some hideous digital distortion on the music tracks. If you’re interested in roots/americana (and I can’t help but say ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’) style music, there is some interesting and informative discussion on the topic, as well as five gorgeous songs and some gaffs from me I just couldn’t edit out. No pics unfortunately.

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Recorded on Monday 6th Oct, 2008

Track List:

Singin’ Brakeman. 11:23
Little Carpenter. 22:40
Adieu False Heart. 36:45
Rattlesnake Preacher. 44:12
Go to Sleep. 56:12

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