Vietnam Letters #9

Postmark 10th January, 1970

218807 Pte Jamieson
GPO Sydney 2890

Wednesday 7th 1970

Dearest Sandra,

Thank you very much for your letters. I got back from the bush at lunch time today and boy it was good to have a shower. I could hardly stand the smell of myself after three days in the same clothes and not having a shower. It wasn’t too bad except for that, although we had quite a lot of paddie fields to slouch through. Seen quite a few civies but thank God there were no VC about.
Got three letters from you my love, one from Mum, and one from Bert, it was quite good to have a hand full of mail after being out in the bush, but most of all it’s good to hear from the only one I love. I guess by the time you get this your Mum and Dad will be on their way to Tasmania. I hope everything is OK for you while they are away. At the moment I am still at ARU but have moved into another PL as we have finished our training and am now waiting to be moved out to a battalion but I think I will be here for at least another month, there won’t be anymore going out to bush for a while. There is a subject A course that I have to do in the next week or so. It’s a course for Corporals before they make you up. They want me to do it as they think they may make a Corporal out of me but there is nothing definite about yet, there are three other blokes nominated for it too.

Anyway Sandra, it’s just about time for me to go to bed and I am rather tired so I shall say good night for now, will write again tomorrow night. Hope this note finds you with as much love for me as it leaves me with all the love in the world for you. By the way darling, there was only once when I had too many drinks up here, that was Xmass day, didn’t have a drink for the New Year as I intend to save as much as I can so we can have a good time together when I get home.

Loving you forever Sandra,

All my love,



Sandra Darling, I love you. Cannot wait for us to be together again. 

God bless you, Dear. xxxxx. Jock.

Postmark 10th January, 1970

218807 Pte Jamieson
GPO Sydney 2890

Wednesday 10th 1970

Darling Sandra,

Thank you very much for your very welcome letters, No. 3 & 4 which I received to-day. Haven’t been doing much for the last two days, just messing around the camp doing a few jobs here and there. Things are very quiet and will be for at least four or five weeks as there won’t be anymore troops sent up from Australia.

I thought I told you but I must have missed out, but I seen John Gilbert on Xmass day and we had quite a chat to-gether. He is about 3 mile from where I am but I can not just come and go as one may please.

I hope the boys are OK. You said in your last letter they were sick. Sandra darling I love you and want to be with you so much and at times I feel so lonely for you at times and just wish we could be to-gether all the time or in the near fueture.

Sunday 11th

Darling here it is Sunday evening and I am feeling very lonely for you. I love you Sandra. This is going to be the lonlyest twelve months I have ever spent in my life, but it will never happen again, for I will just not leave you again darling, it’s not just wright for two people so much in love to be apart for so long.

Have been working all day to-day, building a bunker out on the practice range. It wasn’t too bad as it wasn’t so hot to-day. One thing about over here, there are practile no flyes, even in the bush.

I hope everything is going alright for you while your mum and dad are away. Glad to hear that you are getting along OK with the car. How is your money supply going for you? If you ever need any extra let me know and I will send you some. I have a picture of you sitting in front of me at this moment, and you look lovely darling. I don’t know whether you know I  have it or not but it’s the one of you on the day of our wedding with you just getting in the back of Slim’s car. Hell I wish you were here with me or me with you as I am missing you something awful dear. I don’t know weather I will be able to stand doing twelve months without you. Darling I am sending you the cheques for the A.H.B.S. in another letter. They should arrive to-gether.

Monday 12th, 1.30pm

Darling, so sorry for not getting this finished and in the mail but I got called out last night and by the time I got back it was too late for me to finish it. Should have an easy two weeks coming up as we have started the subject “A” course for corporal to-day. We do four hours every morning and the rest of the day we are supposed to do general duties, but we still have to do two hours sentry duties every night. Have borrowed an instamatic camera and taken some photos. Will send them to you to get developed as they do not do much of a job over here, so I have been told. After you have had a look at them you can send them back to me to have a look at.

Anyway my love it’s just about time for me to go back to work so I will finish up for now.

Hoping everyone is OK.

Sandra I love you. Lots and lots of love.

Jock. xxx.

Darling YOU have all my LOVE. xxxx. Jock.

Postmark 11th January, 1970

25 Blacket St
ACT, 2602

(Sat) 10-1-70

My Dearest Jock,

Well here I am at last, so sorry that I haven’t written for a couple of days Darling. But yesterday I did the washing and the ironing and when I had nearly finished the ironing I started to feel so sick and weak that I couldn’t do anything, and my right arm just had no strength left in it and was aching like mad, and even when I started to feel a bit better I still couldn’t use it. And the day before Jan and Ted were here in the morning and when they left after dinner I wasn’t feeling too good so I put the boys to bed and then went to bed myself. Then that night I was feeling alright and had intended to write to you, but I mended a dress for Mum, which she wanted to take to Tasmania with her as she has been working full time lately except for the time she had off to go to Sydney.

Mum and Dad left on the plane at 7A.M. this morning for Tasmania. Jeanette rang at about 7.30A.M. to say that they will be bringing Jim and Chris down next Wednesday. I went back to bed after she rang and didn’t get up ’til a quarter to 9, and I wish I could still be there too as I am feeling very weak and tired today. I think I must have overdone things yesterday. I am alright if I take things easy all the time, but I’m afraid that that is impossible as the work has to be done sometime.

Poor John was very sick for a couple of days. He was very pale and couldn’t eat anything and spent most of Thursday in bed and when he was up all he would do was just sit in the chair. Brian was sick too but after he vomited he was alright and Michael came in a while ago and told me that he had vomited on the grass, but he seems alright now. I think if John could have vomited he would have been better too. But that’s enough of our troubles how are you Darling? And how are things going for you over there?

Here I am back again. I had to leave this before and get some dinner and then when I put the boys to bed I layed down for about 1/2 an hour and then had a shower and washed my hair. I am feeling a little bit better now, the shower freshened me up again.

Ted got a Job with Theiss out at Belconnen. He is to start on Monday and he is going to live at the Hostel until they can sell their house and then buy one down here.

Mum heard the other day that David Fraser had left his job and went to Adelaide looking for a job, and Jill is living with her mother and father. But then when he was in Adelaide he met a fellow from Alice Springs who wants to shift to Adelaide and now he is going to Alice Springs to take over this fellows job. Jill will go up in about 3 months time if and when he gets a house. That’s if he doesn’t change his mind again before then. It’s a pity he didn’t get into the army, it would have done him the world of good.

Darling I’m afraid that I must finish up now as I am beginning to feel very weak again. Just remember that I love you and I always will my love.

Yours forever,



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