Deep Sea Sirens

Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens, Turner Bowls, 4th Apr 2014
by Crazybrave

Apparently the Turner Bowls Cub is called the RUC now. I’d never been to the place before, under any of its guises, but the CMC had made it into a cosy grotto with a gorgeous stage and more fairy lights than you could reasonably hope for on a Friday night. From my place curled up on the couches, it was very easy to appreciate Seb and Matt’s beautiful guitars/hats ensemble. Amelia Filmer-Sankey warmed our bliss with poetry between sets. Fossil Rabbit made me feel all right about being out in so much rainy dreary wetness, and then the sweet rhythms of Indian Red infused me with quiet charm as if Melbourne had tiptoed north and kissed me on the cheek while my eyes were closed.

Julia Johnson’s dry humour had the night flowing beautifully. I particularly enjoyed the little bits of background she gave for each song, allowing us to more fully appreciate the superb storytelling in their music.

The RUC is a large, centrally located and above all relaxed venue which was pretty full by the end of the night. Unfortunately the kitchen was behind the stage, and wait staff were coming and going through the audience most of the night. But maybe you’ve just got to embrace it – along with the pokies and TV screens at the bar – as part of the ambiance, like everyone walking past the stage to the bathrooms at the Phoenix.

This is the kind of night every Canberren should experience, where there is so much talent in the room, so much chilled out happy, pretty, lovely stuff. Sure it’s raining outside, but Chris is here with his loop pedal, and Amelia wrote another poem, Julia has a banjo, Indian Red bought a saxophonist with them especially and there are all these fairy lights.

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