JDSS Review 2

Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens, Turner Bowls, 4th Apr 2014
by JD Kent

I had scarcely finished buying my first lemonade of the night when the hauntingly beautiful sounds of a crotch punched Thom Yorke began to seep into my conscious. Cracked Actor had begun the nights festivities with their trademark pensive falsetto, rumoured to be so powerful it could bring Eminem to tears.

Minus a drummer, their newly stripped back sound was the perfect setup for Fossil Rabbit, solo guitarist and loop pedal artiste whose atmospheric instrumentals drifted seamlessly across my cochleae before punching my brain right in the pleasure centres (in a nice way, I promise).

After a markedly ethereal beginning, the arrival of Indian Red on the stage signalled a change in pace. A little loud to begin with, they soon settled into the room, with an upbeat mix of indie folk and Fleet Foxes style harmonies that were impossible not to sing along with.

When headliners Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens finally took to the stage it was to mark a milestone, the end of a successful nationwide tour that saw their musical skills honed to perfection, all in search of an answer to a single age old question, “Have you ever made love on a geological anomaly?” Yes, that old chestnut. Regardless of your answer, ┬áJulia and the Deep Sea Sirens have a sound that could suck sadness out of a black hole and replace it with unicorns. Or at the very least, put you in a good mood after you imagine unicorns being crushed to a molecular singularity by a sad black hole.

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