Vietnam Letters #11

Postmark 15th January, 1970

25 Blacket St
ACT, 2602

(Wed) 14-1-70

My Dearest Jock,

How are you my Darling? Well I hope. Gee I miss you Honey and need you very much. It’s just awful being apart like this, but I guess I will just have to learn to except it, although it is very hard, and I don’t think I will ever get used to being apart from you, as you are all I live for.

Jeanette rang this morning to say that they wouldn’t be here to-day as they are going to Araluan to Vernon’s brother’s place, and they will be here tomorrow. I was feeling a little bit better this morning and I thought I could probably get the place staightened up a bit before they come tomorrow, but it didn’t last long before I was feeling crook again.

This will have to be short Darling, as I am beginning to feel worse, so I had better finish up now and go and lie down for a while.

You have all my love forever Darling,



Postmark 15th January, 1970

218807 PTE Jamieson
GPO Sydney 2890

15th January 1970

Dearest Sandra,

Well here it is nightfall again and I am feeling very lonely for you. I am missing you so much to-night, I just feel like getting away by myself and thinking of you, I love you darling, and I just wish I could be with you, it’s a afull feeling this lonely feeling I have for you, people are around me all day long yet I feel so lonely and lost. This afternoon I felt as though I would be sick as my stomach was turning over and over, I had to fight myself to eat tea to-night, Sandra we should never have been apart like this, I have been here a month now, how the hell will I do another eleven?

I got a letter from Mick Lormer to-day, it was good to hear from him, I must write to him soon. How have you been getting along dear? Are you still feeling ill? You must find out what your trouble is and let me know as it worries me to think you are suffering. What about the boys, are they allright now? I hope so, as it makes it so hard for you if they are sick. When do you think you will be going back home or do you intend staying on longer at your Mum and Dad’s?

Haven’t heard much from up home, although I have written two letters, I guess they must be busy. So far I have only had one letter from Mum and one from Bert, by the look of his writing I guess he must have been fairly full. Did you get the film I sent down and the cheques I sent sown earlier in the week from the A.H.B.S.? I don’t think they pay as well as the M.B. we were in before. Sandra dear, I love you. How did you get along with the tape recorder? Let me know what’s doing as I can make up a tape to send to you.

Darling why don’t you get yourself done up and go to a studio and get a porturate done and send to me, also find out what has happened to the Photoes Shirley took. I think they would comfort me a bit if I had them. To date I haven’t drawn any pay since I have been here. That’s the only good point about being over here it’s a great place to save money. But when I get home for good we will go on a second honeymoon, just you and me, it will be great, the two of us to-gether you for me and me for you, I love and need you very much Sandra, I don’t think I would last long if I lost you darling as I need you more than anything in the world even if it is only a thought of you whilst we are apart.

Darling it is now a quarter to nine and I have to go on sentry duty until a quarter to eleven so I guess I shall have to finish up now, as much as I don’t want to. Sandra I shall always be thinking of you and loving you very much. You are the only one for me, without you I am lost.

Loving you forever, yours truely,

Jock. xxxxxx.

I just love you.

Dated 15th January, 1970

218807 PTE Jamieson
GPO Sydney 2890

15th January 1970

My Dearest Sandra,

So pleased to hear from you yesterday as it has been a few days since I received your last letter. Sorry to hear that you are not well, the doctor must have some idea what the matter is, so please tell me dear, if there is something wrong I would like to know. Does the doctor think it may have anything to do with me being over here? How are the boys getting along? Are they still sick too? It must be afull for you, you being sick and the boys too and no one around to look after you, I feel that if I were home maybe you wouldn’t be sick like you are! Sandra I wish I could be with you, as I love you very much, it just about drives me to being sick when I think of you all by yourself with those little boys to look after. Darling I would like you to tell me just what is going on when you write.  Haven’t been doing so much lately, mainly filling in time around the camp, there is not that much to do but it is very boreing.

Darling I remember you asking if I fixed up the medical benefits before I left. Well, I did. You can fill out the damn forms and sign them yourself. I don’t suppose you have heard anything about the photos of the boys and yourself yet. When does your Mother and Father come back from Tasmania and what are you going to do when they come home? Are you going back to Berridale or are you staying on in Canberra for a while. Sandra you must find out what your trouble is and let me know, for it is worrying me, the doctor should be able to find out what the trouble is.

Anyway darling I shall finish up now and try to get this in to-day’s mail as it is now 6AM. I have just come off duty at 5-30AM. Sandra you mean more to me than anything in this world. I love you very much and always will. You shall have my love forever darling. I love you Sandra.

Hopeing to hear from you soon,

I love you. xxxxxxx.


You are my one and only love Sandra, always thinking of you, I love you more than anything.

Jock. xxxx.

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