Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Sharkie

Absent: Kandy A

Podcast #61 may be remembered as the show on which the Insatiable Banalities team sold out, including, as it does, a couple of advertisements from our new sponsors, Big Man Chain Saws and Pop Cones. Hopefully though it will be remembered as the day The Fuelers visited.

Thingamy Bob, Blindboy and Caltex Star introduce us to Dieselbilly, their own char-grilled genre of music. Six tracks are recorded live in the pod as well as the aforementioned commercial endorsements and the boys fill us in on their recent exploits including accidentally snubbing Kasey Chambers, playing live on stage in Tamworth with Lee Kernahan and their plans to run away to the circus.

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Recorded on Sunday 19th November, 2006

Track List:

Loser of the County. 4:30
Honkin’ Mule Rocket. 9:39
Big Man. 18:31
Broke Spoke. 28:17
Pop Cones. 42:10
Black Widow. 52:02
8 Seconds in the Saddle. 64:06

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