Vietnam Letters #13

Postmark 20th January, 1970

25 Blacket St
ACT, 2602

(Mon) 19-1-70

To the most Handsome and Wonderful Man in all the world,

My Darling Jock,

I received two of your letters to-day Darling, and apparently you mustn’t have received the letter I wrote telling you what was wrong with me. Well I have got an infection in the bladder. I have been feeling a little bit better since Mum and Dad have been home, as I have been able to get some more rest.

I posted the photos of the boys and I to you this morning.

(Mon night)

I had to leave this this afternoon and go and lied down for a while but am feeling better now. Chris and Jim are very trying on our nerves. Jim especially, as he won’t do as he is told, and he torments the boys all the time and has them crying and screaming all the time, and the boys are becoming quite unmanageable since he has been here too, as I think they see that Jim won’t do as he is told and they think, well why should they. I gave them a belting to-day and threatened Jim with one and if he doesn’t soon behave himself I will give him one too.

Sandy Broadhead a friend of Dad’s is coming tomorrow and will be staying tomorrow night. He is Erny Broadhead’s brother. Erny is Ken and Allan’s father. Auntie Zerephy has some more visitors staying with her at the moment and they may be coming tomorrow too.

Gee I love you Darling, I wish I could express my feelings for you properly on paper, but it is impossible to express the way I feel for you in a letter. I only wish we could be to-gether so that we could make love and show each other how much we love one and other. You will always be the only one for me my Dearest, there could never be anyone else as wonderful as you, as you are all I want in a man. It must be terrible for you, you must be terribly lonely Darling.

It is now 10.30P.M. so I must finish up now my love, and go to bed and think of you, my one and only love,

From your ever true and loving wife,



Postmark 22nd January, 1970

25 Blacket St
ACT, 2602


My Dearest Jock,

Just a few lines to the one I love before hopping into bed. I am sleeping on the floor in the loungeroom to-night as Sandy Broadhead is sleeping in my bed to-night. I only wish that I could be sleeping with you my Darling. I wouldn’t care if we were sleeping on the floor or the ground or anywhere, just as long as we could be together.

Dad and Sandy played bowls this afternoon and they won a big box of fruit and vegetables each. In the morning we are going for a drive out to Belconnen, but Mum is staying home as Aunty Zerephy and her visitors are coming.

I have an appointment at 4.20P.M. tomorrow to see the Dr. again. I have been feeling better lately as I have been getting plenty of rest and I usually go to bed of an afternoon when the boys go. My flu is much better, but I have got a bit of sinus now, but it isn’t too bad.

I don’t know when I will be going back home to Berridale, as it depends on how long it is before I am well again. The Dr. said it could take about 2 or 3 months for it to clear up.¬† I will finish up for now Darling but I will write some more tomorrow.


We had a nice drive around Belconnen and Canberra this morning, then we weren’t back long before it stormed and it is raining steadily this afternoon. I don’t have to go to the Dr. today now as I rang up a while ago to see if he had the results of my last urine test yet, but he won’t have it until tomorrow, so I have an appointment at 11A.M. tomorrow.

I was very pleased to receive a letter from you to-day. I also received one from John Gilbert and he told me that he saw you in Vung Jau, apparently he had a good time on R&R leave.

The boys are over the worst of their colds now and are just about right now. How did your trip to Vung Jau go? I hope you got back safely. I received the cheque you sent in today’s letter and my money is lasting me quite well, thanks Dear.

Sandy Broadhead left just after lunch to-day. He has a son in the army, he is a National Serviceman and he likes the army and wants to go to Vietnam.

Well my Dearest, I must close now, hoping this finds you well and not too lonely Darling.

Yours forever,

Sandra. xxxxx

I love you very much Darling.


Dated 23rd January, 1970

218807 PTE Jamieson
GPO Sydney 2890

My Dearest Sandra (I love you),

Well Darling here it is Friday evening 23 Jan and I am very lonely for you dear. I am listening to the radio at the moment and every song they play reminds me of you my love, and makes me very lonely yet I wouldn’t want it any other way as I love thinking of you Sandra. I love you dear and just cannot wait until I am back home living with each other again, to be able to come home from work and be with you every evening Sandra, that’s all I want just to be with the one I love. I have been doing a fair bit of study and boy am I sick of it. Shall be glad when the course is finished next Wednesday the 28th. We usually do half a day on the course and another half day doing duties around the camp. There is a fairly good movie on to-night so I may finish up for the next two hours and go and have a look at them, so I say cheers for now until 9.30 my love. Sandra you now I have loved you for nearly seven years and I love you even more now I shall always love you darling and always will my love.

Well my love I am back again it is now 9.20P.M. The movie wasn’t really worth watching but I seen it out, helps to get a man’s mind off everything for an hour or so. Haven’t yet received the photos of you and the boys but they may come tomorrow sometime, I hope anyway. Sandra I love you and will need you very much when I get home to you, I will never be apart from you again for such a long period as it’s not meant for you and me, two people so much in love to be going through the heartache¬† and loneleyness that we are now. Sandra I am a bit like you, unable to put down on paper what I feel in my heart. I can never tell you enough that I love you and it’s hell being away from you I will always need you to lean on my love. Darling I am going to tell you I love you once more, I love you Sandra. I shall never be able to thank God enough for giving me such a wonderful woman, which you are my darling, I am very proud of you darling and get ever so jealous if anyone so much as looks at you. I must finish up for now Sandra as it’s time for bed. Sandra I love you very much. May God bless you and the boys, and may he make this tour of duty I am on pass quickly.

I am yours forever my love.



Sandra you deserve someone better than me but you could never find someone who loves you more than me. I shall always love you dear.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Goodnite my love,

Jock. xx.

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