Moochers (Inc.) and Flap!

Flap @ The Turner Bowls Club, Fri 13 June, 2014
with Moochers Inc. by Adam Salter

Something feels right when, feeling like a bit of a moocher for having hooked a couple of tickets in return for a potentially mediocrely-written review, the first act you are about to see at the Turner Bowls Club is Moochers Inc.

The Canberra boys, fresh from the Merimbula Jazz Festival, really know how to make you feel a part of the incorporated. From the beginning trumpet solo, through the dirty trombone, between the twanging guitar strings, over the wandering clarinet, around the astro boy beats of the drum and on to the fat ass tuba (I hope not to offend a euphonium player if I’ve misnomered)(I believe it’s a sousaphone – Ed.), the multi-tempo set had the crowd smiling and tapping throughout, with larger and larger numbers letting the rhythm take hold before jiving onto the dance floor.

Right when we were feeling the maximum mooch, these speak-easy entrepreneurs made way for the main act, Melbournite ‘tropical storm’, Flap!

This five-piece, having not long ago toured with a little band called The Cat Empire, were able to take the energy up another twelve notches, with a fast-paced and frenetic fever that only the most die-hard dancers would even attempt to keep time with. But try they did and the ball-busting beats thundered on. Every part – drums, banjo-uke, brass and double bass – was played well. These guys were a tight and polished ensemble, making for an absolute cracker of a night!

Only downside for the evening were some just-too-loud levels scattered throughout. However, every musician that appeared on stage all evening seemed to be enjoying the here and now and brought that out in the crowd.

If only the bar staff had had even a quarter of the energy of the bands and patrons. Or even an eighth… Otherwise – what a kick ass night!

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