Chiffon #87. After the Rain


History was made on both sides of the Pacific with the running of races – a horse race and a presidential race.

It exemplifies the difference between the US and us. After the announcement that the economy is shot and that the largest or at least the loudest economy was to blame (coincidently an election is doo and was held and despair has been replaced by Obama man), our race was run and beside history being made many mortgages were bet and hope was no doubt replaced by despair. It’s funny how we throw millions at a horse race and they throw millions at a government election (called presidential). It just shows you the unique focus the aussie mindset possesses.

Aside from the collapse of the economy I was driving back to Wagga Wagga the other day as I had to pick my friend and her daughter up and take them and myself to a dinner in Narrandera a further hundred miles. This we did and dinner as you would expect in an inland town in a drought was fresh fish and yeah it had been left sit a decent amount of time as the fish had cooled and dried out a tad. But hey it’s a small struggling business doin’ their thing proving we are  far removed from the reality of food service in Narrandera eateries.

As ten o’clock approached we retired to my friend’s daughter’s boyfriend’s place for coffee and cones of ice cream. This was all good and well, but I was getting tired. Finally we left about twelve midnight – a steady rain was falling. We piled into the car and started back to Wagga Wagga. Not four hundred yards into the journey the wipers stopped and then I lost the lights but only just low beam.

Now you know how in aeroplanes they don’t like you freakin out when the plane is experiencing turbulents and they frown on you tryin’ to direct the pilots or attempt to open doors and or scream in a really loud voice for a prolonged period of time because we all realise that in any event that kind of conduct is just not helpful. Well my passengers had never been flying. As the windscreen melted into yet another kaleidoscopic acid based trip. I peered into it. I am sure near death experiences were nothing like this at least that’s what I have read.

I was being yelled at from my left. I was screaming to ask for assistance guessing which bright lights were static and which ones were trucks  so that I could aim between them. Suddenly halogen illuminated the hallucination on the view screen. It was horrible. I was blinded. With my head out the window I drove haphazardly into the roadhouse, pulling up at the pumps. We had to get petrol anyway and I was no longer in a hurry.

I was urgent and fucking pissed off. My passengers were in mobile land as the mother barked to the daughter to ring someone to drive one hundred miles in the rain in the middle of the night just to pick them up. What about the car? What about me? I thought they won’t just leave me, surely not! They didn’t and so they endured this inconvenience for an hour, mind you they had pillows and doonas in the car already. Then the rain stopped and my lights worked so we left and only once or twice did we have to wait on the side of the road in the dark whilst some oncoming vehicle could drive by without being blinded by my high beams. Like the change in America and at Flemington, we got home as well ..

Luff Chiffon xxx

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