Zambezi Sounds @ Smiths

Zambezi Sounds @ Smiths Alternative, Friday 11th July, 2014
by Jacqui Symonds

Let’s just say the Zimbabwean boys and their young drummer (who grimaced somewhat humorously when the gents out front lamented that they were getting old) delivered one hell of a dance fest. Given the energy of the performers, ‘old’ was the last impression they gave! A real mixed crowd were there, many Africans of course, to see the three gents and their toe-tapping blend of Zimbabwean sounds that got everyone dancing. Despite their percussionist turning up late, prompting some rather amusing African-style fables to fill the time, the performance was a feel good rhythmic adventure.  Us Aussies naturally can’t dance, but we sure gave it a good shot. I’ll be going to their next show for sure.

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