Vietnam Letters #18

Postmark 3rd February, 1970

25 Blacket St.
A.C.T. 2602

(Mon) 2-2-70

My Dearest Husband Jock,

Received another one of your welcome letters this morning Darling and was very pleased to hear that you passed the course that you were doing. I have been feeling much better lately although I have had some dreadful headaches to-day. But I got my periods just a while ago so that is probably why I had the headaches. It is about time too as they are ten days late, just as they usually are when I am not on the pill. But at least I haven’t had to worry about them being late, as I would be if you were here. But I think that I would rather have you here with me and be pregnant all the time than to be without you. Well I must have done a lot of writing to you since you left because my pen just ran out of ink, and it was a new one just before you left (the one Bartell sent us with his calendar).

Aunty Jean, Molly and her kids were here yesterday, they came for dinner and left at about 4.30P.M. I taped a few songs from the TV yesterday for you from the Country and Western hour, and I’ve started onto the second side of the tape, so if I can’t fill it all up with talking I will put some more music on it. Aunty Marg came around and played cards last night. She and I played Mum and Dad Euchre and we won about 4 games to Mum and Dads 2. I was getting good hands nearly all night.

I have been having some very restless nights lately. I’ve been having stupid dreams and nightmares. I don’t know what I was dreaming about last night but I woke up feeling very frightened and I thought that you were dead. It was awful. Then to-day when my head was acking I went to bed for a while and I was very tired but every time I shut my eyes I would dream that you had died and so I wasn’t game to go to sleep. Oh! Darling I hope that dream never comes true as I just couldn’t bear it. I think that I would die too. I pray that God will let us grow old together. I need you Darling, I need you more than anything in all this world.

Well herre it is Tuesday morning and I’m pleased to say that I had quite a good sleep last night.

I must finish up for now Honey, so Mum and Dad can post this when they go over to the shops. I will be loving you forever my Darling and you are always in my thoughts. May God bless you my love,

Your ever true and loving wife,



P.S. Are you back in 1PL again?

Postmark 4th February, 1970

25 Blacket St.
A.C.T. 2602

(Tues) 3-2-70

My Dearest Jock,

How are you my Darling and how are things going for you over there? Are you going to be posted or are they leaving you at Nui Dat?

It has been quite warm here today it was about 85 degrees but I thought it was nice. Tomorrow is forecast to be 90 degrees. I put the boys in their swimmers to-day and let them play with the sprinkler but even though I put cream on their backs beforehand they still got a bit burnt. The last couple of days I have taken Brian’s nappy off and let him run around in a pair of underpants, but he hasn’t come and told me yet, but I have caught him a few times and sat him on the pot. But I had to put his nappy back on this afternoon as he had diarreaha.

This will only be short I’m afraid Dear as I just can’t think of much to write about so I will close now, but just remember that I love you Darling and my love for you is very strong.

May God bless you,

Your everloving wife,


Postmark 5th February, 1970

218807 Pte Jamison
GPO Sydney 2890

Wed 4th Feb 1970

My Dearest wife Sandra,

Thank you very much for your letters which I received to-day. Could not write last night darling as I went out on standing patrol yesterday and didn’t get back until this morning. Yes darling, the books were great, I have just about finished reading them. I wrote to Mick Lormer the other day. I got a letter from him a few weeks ago, I also got a letter from Margaret too, I wrote to her to-day. It’s very good to know that you are OK and getting better. Sandra I could never forgive myself if anything ever happened to you, please look after yourself darling and wait for me to come home to you. I am missing you dear and cannot wait to be with you again as I love you very much and always will Sandra.

I am glad to hear that the boys are behaving themselfs for you, at least it makes it that much easyier for you. Sandra if ever you want any extra money for cloths or anything, like I said before, just let me know. How has the old car been going for you. I hope it doesn’t give you any trouble. Have you been driving much lately? In the letter you sent me from Mum she said something about mail that she would send to you, was there anything in it to do with my tax return from last year? Darling how much longer do you think you will be staying in Canberra, until you are completely over you trouble or do you think you will go home earlier?

Sandra you are always on my mind and I love you very much. Hell, how I would love to be with you all the time for I love you so much it just hurts like hell being away from you. Sandra I shall finish up now. Hopeing you and the boys are feeling well, and God bless you all. Sandra you will always have my love to lean on, and I shall be happier when you will have me to lean on too.

Loveing you forever Sandra.

All my love – Jock.


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