Vietnam Letters #19

Postmark 6th February, 1970

25 Blacket St.
A.C.T. 2602

(Thurs) 4-2-70

My Dearest Jock,

Was so pleased to receive your letter this morning, but was sorry to hear that you have hurt your knee. What did you do to it? I hope it isn’t too bad. I have had some awful migraines these last few days, but I think it’s only because of my periods.

I have just sent for one of those pencils for removing hair. I hope it works. I have been in touch with the lady who did Mum’s face but she is sick and the Dr. has ordered her to give up work, and another lady is taking over from her but she lives out at Scullen, which I think is near Pearce, and I would be sure to get lost going out there and it is too far to ask Dad to take me as I would have to go regularly and I couldn’t expect him to be running me out there all the time, so I think I will forget about it and try doing it myself with the pencil I have sent for. I will practice on my legs first before I touch my face.

It has been very hot here these last few days yesterday and to-day have been about 90 degrees or over. I don’t usually feel the heat but I have been since I have had these headaches. Brian has had Gastric and Diarroehea the last few day, he vomited a few times in bed the night before last. John has got the Diarroehea to-day although he hasn’t been vomiting. Mum and Dad got some medicine at the Chemist for them and they seem to be much better after taking it. Brian has been trying to talk a bit more lately, although when I try to get him to say something on the tape-recorder he will only say Daddy.

You know that Orange dress that Barbara gave me, and was too big for me and needed taking in. Well after I got the other dresses from May, I gave it to Mum, and it fits her quite well.

Well I must finish up for now Dear as my head is acking and I can’t think straight. Hoping this finds you well and may God be with you always.

Your everloving wife,



Postmark 6th February, 1970

218807 Pte Jamison
GPO Sydney 2890

Feb 6th 1970

To my dearest wife Sandra,

Well darling here it is another Friday another day closer to you my love. To-day I am on lower picket which is a platform about fourty feet high, and I have to sit up there with a pair of bynoculars keeping an eye out in case any enemy moving near our camp can be seen but you never see anything anyway, there are two of us on it we do 2 hours on and 2 hours off, so you can see it’s quite easy. Am very tired to-day as we had to stand to, which means standing up in a trench about 4′ deep half last night, as it was the start of tet last night and they thought something could happen, but thank God nothing happened. 

Sandra, I love you more than anything and am missing you, how I wish I were home with you my love. Darling could you send me the dates of Mum and Dads birthdays, I can never seem to remember them, well I never have as far as that goes.

Sunday night 8th

Sandra darling,

Well darling that two hours ended up two days. Some other work cropped up and I had to go off and do it and them we had to stand to half Friday night so that took care of all Friday. Saturday I had to work in the mess, dixie basher for the day, started at 6AM and finished up at 8PM so you can imanage how I felt last night, fairly tired. Anyway, to-day I was back on tower picket and in my time off I had a sleep for the first time and on the second two hours off I done my washing it is now 7PM and have just finished haveing a shower and feel clean and good, and very lonely for you Sandra my love. I will have a early night to-night to catch up on some sleep as we don’t get much at all over here. 

My knee has come good again and in fit condition except my love live has been scored by loneleness. Well Sandra I shall finish up now hopeing this finds you in good spirit and very much in love with me as I am with you. 

Sandra I am not going to die.

My heart grieves for you always my love.

I love you. Jock.

Sandra my love.

Please wait for me my love. I love you very much. You are the only love for me. Am waiting to be with you.

I love you. Jock.

Postmark 7th February, 1970

25 Blacket St.
A.C.T. 2602

(Fri) 6-2-70

My Darling Jock,

How are you getting along Dear? I hope you aren’t feeling as low as you did the day you wrote the last letter that I received from you. I pray to God that he will help you not to feel too miserable. I only wish that there was someway that I could help you feel a little less lonely.

I received a letter from your mother the other day. They went down to Sydney to the Wool Sales last week, but they didn’t get a very good price for their wool. She told me that Kerrod has gone into a camp at Singleton and Maureen his ex-girlfriend came back with them from Sydney to have a holiday at Wally’s place.

I am pleased to say that my headache has gone. It was worse last night, about the worst headache I have ever had. I just couldn’t keep still, if I stood still it got worse and if I sat down it was worse still and if I layed down it was just unbearable. So I just kept walking. I walked all around the garden and up and down the street. I got very tired from walking but I just couldn’t rest as my head wouldn’t let me. Then eventually I tried sponging my head with cold water, which help it a bit and I was able to bear lying down. Then at about midnight Mum put some vinegar on a rag and layed it across my forehead in place of the wet washer and it seemed to help and then she gave me a sleeping capsule and I eventually got to sleep and slept like a log and woke up this morning with only a slight headake, but it is gone now. I went to the Dr. this morning and he said that they aren’t migraine headaches but are something like migraine and they have got a long name which he can’t even pronounce and he gave me some tablets which I am to take to prevent me from getting them and another lot which are for when I get the headacke. Both lot of tablets cost me $3.38. But I suppose if they do the trick they will be worth it. It is certainly a relief to be rid of it.

How is you leg now Honey? Better I hope. Dad asked me to ask you if you could try to get him a big electric fan one that swings from side to side, like the one that they brought for someone else, when they were in Port Moresby. Dereck Townrow, who is stationed at Nui Dat  is bringing back a watch for him when he come home, which I think is about March. (He’s the fellow that took the parcel over to you). But if you aren’t able to get it before then, when you come back will do.

Laura Snowden (Blyton) just called, she only popped in for a while to say Hellow. It is years since I have seen her, I don’t think I have seen her since I have been married. Del (McPhee that was) had another son a couple of weeks ago. Her first is about 3 and her twins are about 2 and they are all boys. I bet she has got her hands full.

The day before yesterday was 91 degrees and yesterday was 94 degrees and today it was forecast to be 95 degrees, but since I have got rid of my headacke I am not feeling the heat. I suppose it is fairly hot over there, I hope is isn’t taking too much out of you my Dear. I hate to think of you being anything else but well and happy, if I had my way that’s how you would be all the time, but I’m afraid that I haven’t got those sort of powers. But I love you very much and I want nothing else but for you to be happy always, for when you are happy so am I.

Well I must close now Darling, hoping you are O.K.

May God bless you,

Yours Always,



P.S. Brian’s Diarroehea is better now, but poor John isn’t the best to-day.

I love you. X.

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