Vietnam Letters #20

Postmark 8th February, 1970

25 Blacket St.
A.C.T. 2602

(Sun) 8-2-70

My Dear Husband Jock,

Sorry for not writing yesterday Dear, but the tablets that the Dr. gave me for my headackes make me very sleepy and all I want to do is sleep all the time but the Dr. said that the sleepy feeling would probably wear off after a few days. I have still been getting the headackes but at least I have been able to stop them with a tablet.

The car has not been going very well since you left. At first I thought it may have been my driving but I’m sure that it is the car now. It has been very hard to start and it has been very slugish and stalls easily. Then after Mass this morning Mum and I went around to Ron Cameron’s place and asked him if he could have a look at it and fix it for me, and he said that there seemed to be a scraping noise in the motor and tapping noise as if there was a loose tappet or something and he said that the oil looked very cloudy as though there could be water in it or something. But he doesn’t know just when he will have the time to work on it as he is going to be working all next week and he had to work this afternoon, but he may be able to work on it the following week.

Mum went up to Coolamatong to play Bowls yesterday. It was Presidents day and she travelled up with some other lady Bowlers. Then on Tuesday she is to play Penant Bowls at Cooma and Dad is taking her and some other ladies up and there will be enough room for the boys and I so we will go too and Dad will take us out to Berridale so that I can get a few things that I want and to see how things are up there. I hope it isn’t too much longer before I can go home. If my headackes don’t get right soon I think I will go and see a Specialist to find out what is causing them, for I can’t just keep on taking tablets for the rest of my life.

How is your leg Darling? I hope it is better now. I wrote a letter to Val and Abby yesterday and I gave them your address and asked them to drop you a line, that’s if they receive it as they may have shifted again as I haven’t heard from them since I wrote last, which was about 18 months ago.

Well I must close now my love and get some tea on. Hoping this finds you well and not too lonely. I love you my Dear, and always will, you are my whole world as you are all I live for.

Your ever true and faithful wife,



Dated 10th February, 1970

218807 Pte Jamison
GPO Sydney 2890

Tuesday, 10th Feb

My dearest Sandra,

Darling I wish I could put my feelings on paper when I write your name on this letter and every other letter as far as that goes. I have so much love for you and want you to see and feel it, my whole body just goes queer when I write yout name, it’s a good feeling and I only wish I were with you when I got it, Sandra (there it goes again) I love you and I am missing you, I have got into a way now that I hardly ever know what day it is, it’s just like one endless day with no thinning in it, I get up in the morning and go to bed at night, time doesn’t mean a thing to me now, sleep is something you don’t see much of. If I get six hours sleep I have had a good night sleep, it’s usually only around four or five, and I feel so tired at times, but I look at you and Mike and John and Brian and think one day I am going to get up that morning and before I go to bed that night I am going to see the ones I love.

Sandra, I love you and I am just waiting for that day to come, when it does that is when I shall start feeling myself again. At the moment I am just a cog in the works and that’s about all I feel like too, just another cog. Sandra you and the boys are all I have and all I want, what I would do to be with you all now. Sandra I love you. Every morning and night I say good morning and good night to you and the boys (the photoes). How I love you darling you will never really know for when I am with you I can never seem to say and do things I want to. I used to keep thinking you would think I was mad or something and would restrain myself from saying or doing. Maybe you will think I have been drinking or something, but I haven’t had a beer for over two weeks now, I want to save every penny I can over here so I can give you a good time when I get home and I don’t enjoy myself over here anyway, it just seems a waste of money.¬†

Anyway, enough of my troubles, how are things going for you? Are you having anymore of your troubles? I hope not as it make me feel afull, you being sick and me not to be able to be with you, my love. Sandra I love you more than anyone can describe.

Tomorrow I am going out on the standing patrol, it will be a good change after doing all the duties around here. It’s not too bad when we get out of the camp as a fellow has to switch on and keep his mind clear and the best part is I forget about the camp and how long it is until I get home, but I always think of you. Must finish up now Sandra as it’s time for lights out. Shall write again when I come back on Thursday. I love you dear and I’m not going to die over here. Sandra I’m always thinking of you.

You have all my love Sandra.

Loveing you always,

Jock. xxxx.

Postmark 10th February, 1970

Berridale, 2628, N.S.W.

Monday Feb 9th, 1970

Dear Jock,

How are things up with the Boongs of the north, hope you all get a few of the yellow bastards.

All is well down here. Dad and Mum are O.K. and gosh Charles is still going like hell, think had only one day to live, but that is how he wants it I suppose. The heavy summer rain caused a terrific growth of grass and now the sheep are suffering from the seed, I have lost a few, it was impossible to find them in it and the dogs would not go into it at all, my old fellows were all buggered after two days work. So I had to be the dog. Sandy has had big Mick, your old pup out rabbiting a good lot and he said old Mick is good at the job. They have been housing at Frying Pan and Sandy is following with Lavarside.

Done about a week with the young horses, they pulled hell out of me. There is a sale at Jindabyne soon, may get something for them there. Had nearly all last week off due to some bloody virus kind of flu, I have never been so sick even from grog, stayed at Mum’s while I was crook , feel O.K. again now. Will be drenching sheep today, the bloody worms are starting to get active since all the rain earlier on.

Had tea at Tommy Jenkinson’s last night, he got a few sheep from me yesterday and we killed them down here, he gave me a bottle of French Brandy and by Christ it is good, don’t know where he got it from. His price for sheep is not over high but it is tax free so that helps a bit. Had mowed all the grass around your house last week, will help if some silly tourist bastard lights a fire, and by hell if one starts now as one could stop it only a fall of rain. I hope to get on with the hay making in two days time, have never seen so much growth as this year.

Have had an invitation from a bird to go to the Sydney show with her but the chips are a bit short so maybe won’t be there – much to my annoyance, as she wants to shack up as well. Which would be very rewarding.

Had a letter from Johnny Gilbert  who had returned from R&R at (illegible) seems like he had good time there.

I rang the Merchant Navy about a job taking gear to you blokes but they said it was only done by enlisted men so I was buggered again. Sandy got my old car going, but really only need the Land Rover registration.

Had better get some breakfast now and go to work.

Cheers for now,


P.S. – Have tried to re read this and discovered the ink has spread so much that it is nearly impossible but you may fathom it out. HCJ.

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