Vietnam Letters #24

Postmark 25th February, 1970

25 Blacket St.
A.C.T. 2602

(Sun) 22-2-70

My Darling Jock,

How are things going for you over there now Dear? To-day is about the best day I have had since you left. I looked up Stoddards address in the phone book sometime ago and discovered that they live in 32 Fenton St. Downer and a few times I have driven around Downer but couldn’t find Fenton St. So after Mass to-day Dad said that he had an idea where it was so we found it and I called in to see if they would be home this afternoon so I could call around and see them and they were very pleased to see me and Bert said that he had planned to go out but he would stay home as he would love to see me and have a yarn about old times, so Dad took me around this afternoon. We had a great talk and time seemed to just fly by. They took me out to Scullen (one of the new suburbs of Belconnen) to where they have a block of land and have got the foundations up of their new house that they are building. Then they insisted that I stayed for tea, so I rang Dad to see how they were getting on with the boys and he said that they were still asleep and that was 6 o’clock then, so I stayed and had tea with them and they brought me home at about 9P.M. Mum said that the boys slept till after 6.30 this evening, which was very surprising, but I was pleased that they did for Mum and Dad’s sakes. I really wanted to take them with me to get them out of Mum and Dad’s hair, but Mum insisted that I left them home. Bert said that he would get your address from me, so that he could write to you, but then I left without giving it to him, but I will ring them up or go around again and give them your address. I really had a good day as it took my mind off things and cheered me up a bit. I don’t know whether Andy and his wife have busted up or not, but he is living there with them now and I don’t know where she is. I didn’t like to ask any questions. Lyndsey has straightened himself out a lot and is going on the straight and narrow now. He was there for a while to-day, with his girlfriend, who seems to be a very nice girl, and Bert and Mrs. Stoddard like her a lot and are very pleased with her, as they said that the other girls he used to have were bits of hussys, and not very nice types.

Dad is much better to-day, he seemed to be recovering almost as quickly as he got it. Mum and Dad send their love and wish you all the best, and so do the Stoddards.

I always pray to God to give you strength to bear your lonelyness my Darling, which I am sure you must need as I know how lonely and depressed I get, but at least I am living under much different circumstances than you are. I only wish I could help you in some way. I will close for now Dear as it is almost 11P.M., but will write some more tomorrow. Good night my love. xxxxx

(Mon) 23-2-70

Still no letter from you to-day and there is a postal strike starting at mid-night tonight, so I suppose it will still be some time before I receive another letter from you. 

Dad and I went over to the Hospital this morning to have our Chest X-ray. The Dr. advised Dad to have his, which cost him $7.50, but mine was for free as it was just the routine X-ray for T.B. which is compulsory in N.S.W. but not in the A.C.T. The Chest X-ray van has been around the Monaro District lately and as I missed out on it last time they were around because I was pregnant and so when Dad had to go over I decided that I had better have mine too.

I have been feeling much better lately, but still get very tired and need a rest between jobs.

Will close for now Darling, hoping it’s not too long before I hear from you again,

May God be look after you,

Your ever loving and faithful wife,



Postmark 25th February, 1970

Berridale, 4S, N.S.W.

24th Feb, 1970

Dear Jock,

How are things up your way? All is very quiet here, have had good rain and the days are sunny and pleasant. Life is very dull, nothing interesting happening. Had a letter from a bird the other day inviting me to go to the Sydney show and shack up wth her for the week. So no doubt will accept the offer, not a bad sort either.

Have had an offer for the place which I may accept. Don’t like leaving but the old woman seems anxious to get some money so have no alternative but to sell. Will go to Western Australia if I sell, the money over there is good and there is plenty of work for anyone who is prepared to rough things a bit, so should suit me O.K.

Have been buggering around with some young horses lately, wish I was a bit gamer. I would have ridden them but am too slow at getting on now and did not want to spoil them so just handled them.

Get the license back in about 4 weeks so will be mobile again, be very handy not having to bludge on someone else. Had a good game of darts on Friday night have developed into a fair player now, not a bad game and something to do. There is a dance at the golf club next Sat. Will go along and see what is happening, might find some company for the weekend. Have had a bird out here a few times lately and now discover she is pregnant, she will probably nail me with it. Have to wait and see I suppose, the old girl would push me if she got to know.

Had a letter from the woman from Newcastle, the one you saw, she also wants me to have a few days in  Sydney at showtime. I’ll have to do a bit of double crossing some where along the track. If they are bloody silly enough to want me to knock them off I will accomodate them.

Write soon.

Best of luck,

From Bert.

Postmark 27th February, 1970

25 Blacket St.
A.C.T. 2602

(Thurs) 26-2-70

My Darling Jock,

Well it is now 10 days since I have heard form you. I hope you are O.K., but I guess with all the casualtys there have been over there lately you have probably been transferred to a Battalion and haven’t been able to write.

I had a phone call from Nancy the other day as your mother has been worried as she hasn’t had a letter from you for 5 weeks, and when she received my last letter I had not mentioned anything about you in it. But when I wrote to her I didn’t really have any news to tell her about you except that you love me and miss me, and I didn’t think she would be interested in that. Nancy sounded quite cranky with me for not mentioning anything about you in my letter. I tried to explain to her that I didn’t really have much news when I wrote and that you don’t get much time to yourself for writing letters.

Gee I miss you Darling the days seem to just drag by and my life is so empty without you, I just seem to just bearly exist, I will be happy when we are to-gether again and then we can start living again. I feel so empty and lonely for you and I think that the worst part about it is that there is nothing that can be done about it, but just to wait and hope and pray.

The night before last when Mum went over to the Bowling Club for a meeting some people had told her that they had seen three police cars outside Maggie’s place that day. Then the next morning Mum tried to ring Maggie but she wasn’t at home and then yesterday Mum and Dad went around to see her and she told them that the Indaniesian Woman who live at the back of her place had cut her wrists and then she came to Maggie’s back door with blood streaming everywhere and asked Maggie for some sleeping pills as the other didn’t seem to be working. But Maggie called the police and after she had cleaned the blood off her back step she went over and spent the night with Nita and Kevin McPhee.

Ron Cameron called around the day before yesterday and said that a bearing had gone in the water pump and the clutch needed adjusting in our car, he said that he thinks that he will be able to fix the water pump but if not he will try and get a reconditioned one.

Joan and her new husband Angus called here yesterday, they have been spending their Honeymoon at Bungendore as Aunty Zerephy is still in Sydney, she went down for the wedding and stayed down to see her Dr. for a check up and to fix up some business and things and she is to come back sometime to-day. Angus seems to be quite a nice fellow he comes from Scotland and has a very strong accent. He is a sailor and is sometimes away for 9 months at a time, so it will be interesting to see how long it lasts, knowing Joan, but you never know he may be the right one this time.

I had to leave this letter for a while, for the mail came and I was so happy to receive a letter from you. I was so relieved to hear from you that I just cried my eyes out, it has been bottling up inside me for so long now and it has done me good to have a good cry. Then I had to get dinner and the boys off to bed, and now at last I am back to finish this letter. It was wonderful to receive your letter to-day Darling, your letters are all I have to keep me going now. I know that it is difficult for you to find the time to write especially when you are in the bush, but even if you can find one spare minute to write about 2 lines, just to let me know if you are O.K. and that you love me.

When Dad got back from over the street this morning he said that he had seen Maggie and she told him that that woman had burnt her face too, I don’t know how or what with, but she had burns on her face. The poor thing must have been in a very bad way.

By the way, do they take your mail out to you when you are out bush, or will you have to wait for 3 weeks, till you get back to camp to receive my letters, and where is the camp? Are you still stationed at Nui Dat? In one way I am pleased that you have been moved to a Battalion, as you will be kept busy and time will pass quicker for you, but in another way I am not because it means that you are in more danger now, but I pray that God will protect you.

I will write to your mother and let her know that I have heard from you, and tell her of the situation and that you probably won’t get time to write to her for quite a while.

Well I must finish up for now Darling as it is pay day and I must send some cheques away to pay a few bills and also write a letter to your mother.

You’ll always have my love and thoughts my Darling as I am yours forever, may God Bless you.

Your ever true and loving wife.




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