Vietnam Letters #25

Postmark 27th February, 1970

218807 Pte Jamieson
8RAR Dcoy 10PL
GPO Sydney 2890

Wed 25th, Feb

Dearest Sandra,

Well darling I have managed to get a few minutes to drop you a few lines. It’s about 7AM now and we are sitting around in the bush waiting for the tanks to get mobile, we have been out a few days and haven’t seen a thing, that’s the way I like it too. The trouble is a chap lives like a black fellow in the bush, no washing or anything like that, and hell we got dirty and smelly. Sandra I sorry that I can not write more often but I might not be able to get it out, but I think the tanks are going back to-day and I may get them to post it. Norm Brown is with the tanks, I was with him at Kapooka, he comes from Carryoung, you met him at Wagga I think. I haven’t got any of your letters  for well over a week now, but they would be back at Nui Dat, they should be sent out on the re-supply in three or four days time. Please excuse the writing as I am writing it on my knee and I am a bit shaky like this.

How is your father getting along? I hope he is feeling much better. Sandra I love you very much and only wish I could be home with you. You are always on my mind darling, I always say a few short prayers for you, for God to look after you while I am away. Haven’t been able to get to Mass since I left Australia. You asked me what happened to my knee. Well I fell arse over head and put a small cut in it but it’s ok now. Must finish up now Sandra as there is some movement on, we may be moving out soon, Sandra I love you and always thinking of you, may God bless you all.

All my love to you Sandra, shall write as often as I can. Love you very much.

Lots of love, Jock. xxxxxx

I love you Dear. xxxx

Postmark 28th February, 1970

James Street

Friday 27th Feb

Dear Jock,

Was very pleased to get your letter yesterday and to know that you are O.K. we are all pretty good here. Yes I guess the job of carrying the gun is not the best in the jungle. Believe they had a bit of a mix up over there the other day. You would think they could be more careful there is enough bother without that. I had a letter from Sandra the other day. She said Rex had been not too good but was getting better. Some kind of a virus flu they decided after they had the infection for Hepatitis, thank goodness it wasn’t. That would have been bad for the boys. I’d like to see them back home. 

We have been keeping the grass cut and I water the lawn and sweep the flys up but they should soon steady off as the weather is not quite so hot. Father and Sandy are over at the River to-day they are crutching. The grass seed has been bad everywhere but so far the flys have not been too bad on them. Father bought four new Rams the other day, they are still here so they can be watched carefully.

Have you seen John G. lately? Leonie McMullen said Jimmie would soon be coming back, I guess he would be sorry. Kerrod has gone into camp at ‘Singleton’. I haven’t heard how he is doing, would be a bit strange to him I think. I think Alawah is on the market I heard there had been some looking at it also heard that the Barry’s had bought Mr. O’Niell’s place. I have an idea they may have there eye on Alawah too if the finance is all right. It’s a damn shame. But what can you do?

There is a swimming Carnival on at the pool to-day to get the best to go to Canberra. Paddy is hoping that he might make it. He burnt his face last week lighting the stove, put Zoom on it. Lucky he wasn’t badly burnt. So he missed out last Sunday. They had a crowd of people there too. 

Father Preise has been moved to Bombala so we get a new chap for Sunday. We had a little farewell for him last Saturday night. Old Mr. Fred Blyton passed along the other week. Poor old fellow was blind so I suppose there wasn’t much in life for him. I think we may be getting neighbours in the little Norton house. Rodger’s mother was out yesterday to clean up but I don’t think they had a key to get in as the Dave Klien had a key and they were away so suppose they will come again.

Well Jock I don’t think I can write much more as I wat to get this posted when Pat comes home to lunch. I supose you won’t get letters too ofetn if you are out bush. Be sure and write when you can.

I must go now. Best of luck and lots of love from us all,


Postmark 28th February, 1970

218807 Pte Jamieson
8RAR Dcoy 10PL
GPO Sydney 2890

Friday 27th

My Dearest Sandra,

Well dear here is another short note. If I’m quick enough I may get it posted in about 10mins. At the moment we are in a place called the long heights. Have been lucky not much walking lately been with tanks and A.P.C. Haven’t had a wash for about 12 days now and am fairly ripe. They haven’t bought any mail out yet but guess they will soon. How is your father getting along? One thing about being in the bush the time goes very quickly. Sandra I love you more than anything in this world and will always love you until the end of my time and after if possible. Am always thinking of you and the boys. I might have my R&R in May, but I don’t know for sure yet.

Must finish now my love.

Loveing you always,


All my love. Jock. xxx

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