Little Stevies Come to Town

The Little Stevies and Pocket Fox @ Smiths Alternative, Sat 30th Aug, 2014
by James Kent

Born out of the drunken backyard jam sessions of summers past, it will no doubt be a source of much boasting to my grandchildren that I was there for Pocket Fox’s first ever gig at the Pot Belly, back before it was a frogurt stand/bakery/thai massage parlour, or whatever its new form will be.

I can honestly say its been a thrill watching Pocket Fox develop from lecherous backyard drunkards who would get the police called on them for disturbing the adjacent yuppie apartments, to lecherous backyard drunkards who now play on stages and hardly ever get the police called on them. The irrepressibly fun spirit of the pocket fox sound makes listening to their music and not dancing a task not dissimilar in difficulty level to that of sitting still after one has discovered an angry scorpion nesting in ones trousers (a difficult task I assure you). Their tight musical ability is combined with an aesthetic brand of lyricism that makes them compulsory viewing for any Canberra folkheads, and excellent company for the night’s main attraction, the Little Stevies

After arriving (fashionably?) late, I was surprised to find Smiths Alternative packed tight with people who, clearly having heard the Little Stevies previously, were all far cooler than I am. Within the first minute of the Little Stevies’ set I knew I was in a spot of bother, because it’s virtually impossible for me to enjoy a band as much as I enjoyed the Little Stevies, without saddling up my metaphorical horse and galloping full pelt towards cliché town and its adjoining neighbour, boring-high-profile-comparison…ville. Musically excellent, and with vocal harmonies so perfect some sort of spooky sisterly psychic link seems likely, it was impossible not to sing along (which was awkward, because I didn’t know any of the words). The Little Stevies are a truly addictive listening experience that had this reviewer transfixed until it was time to cheer for an encore. I can only say to look them up and thank me later.

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