Vietnam Letters #28

Postmark 5th March, 1970

218807 Pte Jamieson
8RAR Dcoy 10PL 1Sec
GPO sydney 2890


My Dearest Sandra,

Thank you very much for your very welcome letter, which I received to-day. Am very pleased to know that you are starting to feel better. It’s good that you had a pleasant day with the Stoddards. Am back in Nui Dat to-night and going out again to-morrow. I guess it will be great to sleep in a bed again to-night. Have had a shower and clean greens on and I feel great. Sandra all I want is for you to wait for me untill I come home to you, I don’t think I could go home if you weren’t there waiting for me. I am sorry that I cannot write as often but being out in the bush it’s impossible to write everyday, as I just never get time to write out there except when we are in a relatively safe location, and then again there is just no way of getting mail out everyday. But Sandra you know that I love you and am always thinking of you and say a pray for you every night. I love you Sandra.

Tomorrow we are going to a place called Swan Mock (I don’t think that is spelt right). Don’t know much about the place or what is there, but we are going there anyway. Sandra I love you very much and I am missing you. Please wait for me. If you should ever find anyone better let me know Sandra, I will understand, it would be better for you to tell me if any feelings of you has changed. If you ever feel any feelings for anyone else please tell me Sandra, it would hurt for a while but I would rather us being honest with each other than saying kind words to each other. I love you and have never been with another woman since we got serious (love wise) and have no reason to do so. But at the same time if you have ever had the desire to be with another man please tell me, I will understand for I would rather hear it from you than anyone else. Don’t think that I am going beyond the [illegible], I have been away from you for three months and I know you need a man and if you do need a man I would rather you to tell me than anyone else for I understand how it is for you, Darling I love you and if anything like this has happened since we have been married, now is the time to tell me, I mean to have an answer from you reguarding this, not that I doubt your faithfulness or anything but I have been away from you for quite a while now and you may have the desires for a man. Please tell me when you receive this letter as I must know, and be honest with yourself, as I would rather hear anything like that from you, I have always been honest with you, so I want you to be always honest with me. Sandra dear please don’t think I don’t trust you, for I do, but if anything like this happens I want to hear it from you.

Sandra I love you and pray to God to keep you and me to-gether for you mean more to me than anything, I love you. Shall finish up now, hopeing your heart has as much love for me as mine has for you. I love you.


Sandra I love you and always will, yours always,

Jock. xxxxx.

X – my kiss.

Once again I love you and have always. xxxx. Jock.

Postmark 7th March, 1970

25 Blacket St
ACT, 2602
(Thurs) 5-3-70

My Dearest Jock,

I was very lucky to-day as I recieved 3 letters from you & one from your mother and an endowment cheque. I can imagine how uncomfortable you must feel when you are out in the jungle and are unable to wash, especially in all the dirt and heat, I suppose you will have quite a few blackheads for me to squease when you get back. At least when the wet season comes you’ll be able to stand in the rain to freshen yourself up a bit. I hope you have received some more of my letters by now. You’d think that they would get the mail out to you more often than they do, for as one fellow said on the Television on Christmas day, I think he was an Officer or something, and he asked everyone to keep writing to the troops regulary, because over there they consider mail from home as being as important as amunision.

Oh! Darling, I love you and wish that that stupid war could be all over and done with, so that we could be to-gether again as we should be. May God protect you Darling and bring you home safely.

Aunty Mary slept here last night, she slept with me and I nearly froze all night as she was hot and didn’t want all the blankets on, she may be coming back again to-night too. It is nearly 10 months since Allan died, you’d think that it was about time she tried to get used to staying on her own, but I don’t think she has ever spent a night alone. She has been trying to get another one or two boarders, but hasn’t had much luck as yet. Once last night when I woke up feeling cold I almost rolled over and cuddled up to her thinking that it was you, but luckily I realised before I did. I only wish that it was you there Darling, it would be wonderful to feel your strong body next to mine and your arms around me, and to have your hands running softly over my body until we were so full of love that we could do nothing else but make mad passionate love and want it to go on forever. I love you my Dearest, and always will, I belong to you completely.

Well my love I must finish up for now, hoping to hear from you again soon,

All my love forever,



James Street
Friday 27th

Dear Sandra,

So pleased to get your letter the other day. I do hope your Dad is feeling better, it was bad luck but guess he was lucky not to have got Hepertitis as it takes so long to get better of it. Maggie rang the other day and told me before I got your letter. I had a letter from Jock yesterday. He said they were going out bush. I wonder do they get any mail when they are out. He didn’t say if he had seen John G lately. He may be somewhere else. There is a Swimming Carnavell on here to-day for the school children to decide who goes to Canberra. I don’t know if Paddy had any luck. He burnt his face and was not able to swim last Sunday but thank goodness it’s better again. Father Pierse has been moved to “Bombala”. We had a little tea party for him last Saturday night and gave him a wallet with a few $ in it. So we will have a new man next Sunday. His name is Father Keeting. So guess we will have to get to know him. I hope the boys are keeping well and don’t get the flu. Mrs O’Brian rang me. Said she had been talking to your Mother. She hopes to come out to Berridale. I think we may be getting neighbours in the Norton Cottage. Mrs Norton was out yesterday to clean up, it’s terrible wild with grass and weeds around it. Just heard that Paddy came first in his age group so he may get to Canberra to swim. He will be pleased. He was so disappointed last Sunday but the Dr said he must not go into the Pool. Anne came third on Sunday in her group. Don’t think she did any good to-day. I didn’t hear her name. I must go now and get those letters down to Pat to post. Be sure and write soon. Hope all are well.

Love to all,



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