Vietnam Letters #34

Postmark 19th March, 1970

James Street
NSW, 2628

(Wed) 18-3-70

My Dearest Jock,

How are you my Dearest? A bit fed up with the jungle I guess, hope you’re not feeling too lonely Darling but it won’t be too long before we see each other again, even though it will only be short, too short for my likings, but it will be worth having a few days of Heaven again, even though it will be terribly hard to part again.

I caught a mouse near the stove the other night. I’ve had the trap set for the last few nights but there must only have been the one.

Nancy called the day before yesterday with a big heap of lollies for the boys and yesterday she bought me a nice bunch of Pancys from her garden and some apples for the boys.

I called down at the Drs. yesterday to find out what the surgery hours are at Jindabyne as I still haven’t had that Cancer tests that Shedden told me to have. I should have had it done in Canberra but I kept forgetting it. I also want to get a flu injection which I always say that I will get each year, but don’t, and then I am sorry after I go down with the flu. I also want to ask him a few things about when I should start taking the pill before you come home on R&R and also if you happen to be home just the week when I have my periods, and if there would be any way of stopping them from coming, if they are due that week. By the way do you know just when you will get your R&R leave yet?

The girl guides are having a Hat Contest here on Saturday afternoon and there is a prize for the Prettiest Hat, the Funniest Hat, the Most Original Hat, and the Hat that best depicts a Nursery Rhyme or Nursery Rhyme Charactor. It is for the children and so I am trying to think up some ideas for some hats for the boys.

I love you Darling, and please don’t ever forget that as you are my whole world and without your love, my life wouldn’t be worth living. Just knowing that you love me is all I need to keep me going and make me feel happy. I love you and only wish that I could express my feelings for you on paper, but I just can’t put my feelings for you into words.

Shall close now Sweetheart, look after yourself, and may God Bless you,

Yours Forever,



Postmark 20th March, 1970

17th March 1970

My Ever Loving Wife Sandra,

So pleased to receive five of your letters yesterday. I love you very much Sandra. You were right dear when you said you thought I had been drinking when I wrote that so called letter to you when I was last in camp. I am very sorry dear as I don’t think any thing at all you said when you wrote to me. To be quite honest dear I don’t really know what was in that letter. What you said in your letter to me really hurt me too, but I suppose I deserved every bit of it as I do get quite nasty when I drink why I don’t know. After thinking about it all last night I quite understand how you must have felt. Sandra I do trust you. I could never imanage you and another man, the same as me with another woman. It would just never happen, even though I have had the chance to at times, but the thought made me sick in the stommock, and I would never be able to face you again. Sandra I am so sorry and I think your letter made me suffer for being nasty, yet I didn’t really know I had been nasty untill I got your letter. Sandra I love you and always will there has never been another woman and never will be, you are my woman. I love you. Just about to move again must finish up.

Loveing you forever,

Jock. xxx

Darling I’m sorry.

Postmark 20th March, 1970


My Dearest Sandra,

How are you dear. I hope you got home OK and that the car went allright. Still out in the bush, suppose to be back in the camp at Nui Dat about the 26th. Shall be great to get out of these smellie cloths. Am still thinking about that letter I wrote, I am very sorry my dear. I love you very much and the last thing I want to do is hurt you. Am now sitting around waiting for a re-sup and hope to post this note out to you on the chopper going back. Am starting to feel very tired, my legs and hips are getting very tired am looking forward to a couple days off, eating sleeping and showering at Vung Jau. Got a letter last re-sup from Bert Stoddard, Bert Cullen and the O’Keefes. It’s great to hear from people, but it’s very hard finding time to answer them, and there is nothing much to write over here except we walk we stop we see a lot of green leaves. If any one asks you do I like it over here ask them how would they like to be shot at, and walking along never knowing when you may put your foot on a mine. Tell them it’s not much of a feeling with death all around you. I certianley do not like it here.

I am drawing seventy dollars for my two days in Vung Jau, I may be able to get something for you, I would like to, but everything over here is usually rubbish, but I shall have a look around, I may be able to find something. At least I’ll have the money if I do find something I like. I would also like to get myself a watch as it’s very hard without one. Like I have said before darling, if you are short or could use some extra money for anything at all just let me know and I shall send you some. Sandra I love you and miss you something afull, it just like being in pain all the time, hell I wish I were with you, I love you and need to have you around at all times. Have just been told we have 2 hours to wait for re-sup. I shall finish up now dear as I feel very tired, may be able to have a sleep, might feel better.

Shall alway love you Sandra, you are my only love.

Love you,

Jock. xxxxx.

Tell the boys I love them too.

All my love,


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