INSATIABLE BANALITIES #101. Nigel McLaughlan/Katyusha/Bizerka

Present: Jim Boots, John Griffiths, Jess, Sharkie

Our guests are Nigel McLaughlin and Graeme Bayles, formerly of Katyusha, and Mitch. Niggle now resides in Melbourne so it’s a bit of a reunion, and we get to hear some tracks from his current band, Bizerka.

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Recorded on Monday 22nd Dec, 2008. More pics after the jump

Track List

Talgoxen/Zglbom (Katyusha). 5:55
Jamai Jamai (live). 18.01
Kangaroo Sausages (Bizerka). 35:52
Go Home Cow/Down the Volga (Bizerka). 45:40

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