Chiffon #88. High-Powered and Street Legal


Ego driven drivers in high-powered high-performance street legal machines. Oh yes they exist and recently I observed one weird trend that seems to be getting larger or at least more popular amongst these standouts in our communities. More about that a little later.

What about some of these individuals and their personas? Don’t they realise they are role models, rightly or wrongly, and I wonder who their role models are? Who and/or what is responsible?

The moral development(?) of society in the western world seems to have been left up to the telly. America and England, the conservative as well as the tearaways, lead the charge. At least this is my observation from growing older in this country.

Let’s see, the Bible is no longer relevant.

The monarchy is not relevant.

Although some things on telly are relevant.

The American presidential election?

Not all things are relevant on telly.

All things American are relevant.

MacDonald’s have just opened a new distribution outlet in a burb in Wagga. It is just down the road from the person I have been visiting for the last three years and in fact my friends daughter has a job there. As we now seem to have a job taking the daughter to and from her workplace, I am seeing more and more of them. This is also where I am noticing this weird trend I eluded to earlier developing in the car park. The other night I attended at dusk and whilst there I observed no less than four of them in their typical dress talking amongst themselves in whispers and nods. Now I can see their point of view. The socialness of a mcfluff and the burger whilst chatting and comparing their vehicle’s performance.

I find it all very intimidating and the other night one of them sped out of the car park, obviously in a hurry, and looked at me through his dark glasses as he went by. It was as if Mad Max was glaring at me. I wondered about where he was going but I thought also about pedestrians and or little children in the proximity. I mean what are we supposed to think when we see this sort of behaviour becoming acceptable? And it doesn’t really help that he was in a police car.

Luff Chiffon xxx

P.S. Some trivia, did you know cows don’t drink milk, pigs will eat anything, vegetables eat sunlight.

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