Backanalia Tonight

The weather is simply gorgeous and tonight’s Backyard Backanalia is subtitled Obamanalia. Three days later the ‘Free World’ gets a new leader, a man who has so many people’s hopes on his shoulders that we should probably all get used to a sense of profound disappointment, but in these last few days before the advent, hope springs eternal and in that spirit we’d like to dedicate this Backy (as it’s affectionately known), not so much to Obama as to that spirit of hope, the hope for a better, kinder, saner, fairer, more sustainable and more musical world.

CMC members only, 7-11pm (doors 6pm), members only + one guest each)
Entry is free, there will be a free sausage sizzle, everything else is BYO and we will pass around a hat for the musicians who will be, in no particular order:

The Fuelers, The CashewsFire on the Hill, Lachlan Coventry, Johnny Huckle, The Bluffhearts.

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