Vietnam Letters #37

Postmark 26th March, 1970

James St
NSW, 2628
(Wed) 25th-3-70

My Dearest Jock,

This will only be a short note as it is now 25 to 11 and I am tired and must get to bed. This is the last letter I will be able to get away to you for a few days, for 5 days anyway as I suppose the Post Office will be closed over Easter.

I spent almost all this afternoon writing my Dorothy Dix letter to Shirley to-day. I gave her plenty of my advice but whether she takes it or not is another thing and whether it helps her or not is another thing too.

How are you my Dearest? I hope you made the most of your two days rest and really enjoyed them. I love you Darling and feel very sorry for you over there in that terrible place. I pray that God will protect you and that he will give you strength to bear it, and please don’t worry anymore about that letter that you wrote me, because I have forgotten about it and anyway when a person is living under strain and in that terrible place that you are in you should be entitled to blow off steam sometimes, and if ever again you are cranky with anything at all, write me another letter like that and take it out on me, and I promise I won’t get upset about it, I will understand. I am just sorry that I let the last one upset me. Just user me as your punching bag and honestly Darling I won’t mind. Well my Dearest shall close now,

Loving you forever,



Postmark 28th March, 1970


My Dearest Sandra,

How are you Darling? I guess you are much the same as me, very lonely and missing the one you love so much. Sandra I love you, you mean everything to me my love. Came back to Nui Dat yesterday, it was gereat to get back and start living normal again. We are supposed to be going on R&C on the 1st April now, so we have about a week to go in camp. Should go bush again about the 6th or 8th. Tonight I am on radio watch, not a bad job at all, the time seems to fly by, but I wouldn’t fancy doing it dureing the day as they get quite busy. I don’t know as yet when I will be going on R&R my love but as soon as I know I will let you know, how I am looking forward to that day to come. Sandra I love you and would love to be with you all the time. I sure have lost some weight but may regain it in the next week or so, I hope so anyway as I can’t afford to loose weight as I am just skin and bone at the nest of times. Haven’t written to Sandy yet but should get around to it sometime duting the week. I got some slides back yesterday, shall send them on to you as soon as I get them done up. Darling there are so many things I wanted to ask you and tell you but they have all slipped my mind and I just cannot seem to think, it happens every time I write. I guess I’m not much of a letter writer, but most of all I want to tell you I love you and will always be yours and only yours my dear, I know you will always be mine Sandra. I love you. How are the boys getting along? I hope they are being good boys for you as it makes it so much easier for you. How did you get along with Dr. Sheddon? I hope you got a good report. Well Darling I have just finished my first shift and shall have to get some sleep am looking forward to seeing you my love, I guess I will soon be counting the days. How I love you darling.

Sandra you have all my love and feelings,

Yours always,

Jock. xxxxxxxxxx

Friday 27th March 70.

My Dearest Sandra,

Well dear here it is good friday, this time last year we were in Melbourne and had visitors. I only wish we were now to-gether instead of being so far apart. It’s just horrible being away from you dear. The other day I went and seen the pay master and made arrangements for some extra money to be sent to you, you should have it in about ten days time, by cheque, it could take two or three days more or so. There is a bit of a rumour going around that we could be going out bush tomorrow for two days or so, but should be back on time to go on R&C or we all hope so anyway, but I suppose we are not over here for a holiday are we? Just got the word, we are going out tomorrow for at least two days. Thank you so much for the card dear, I got it to-day at lunch time. Well dear I shall have to finish up now as I have a few things to pack away to-night, have another pack of slides I shall send to you with this letter. Must close now dear, I love you and always will.


Jock. xxxx.

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