Chiffon #89. Just a Few


Well according to an outspoken Muslim cleric, Australians are drunks! This is what greeted me on the front page of the Sunday paper.

This is simply not true. We only ever just have a few beers. There is a difference, don’t you know. If we were drunks we would live on park benches and drink out of bottles in brown paper bags. Going by that standard we are pretty good in this country because we live in houses not parks, and I might add our houses, our homes are off limits to people trying to big note themselves by picking on our lifestyle, indeed, our god given right.

A larger more worrying trend seems to be the eighty percent increase in sales of MacDonald’s burgers as a result of the economic crisis in America and therefore the world, the one we are not supposed to feel here. I find it hard to believe. Could it be that ozzies sympathetic to America are suddenly supporting Maccas by buying product? One dollar from the sale of a Mac Happy Meal goes toward the American economy.

Could it be that people see the Mac Happy Meal as a comfort food in order to get through the tough economic times being experienced overseas? Perhaps they are still ripping people off by manufacturing a smaller (much smaller) product that doesn’t really hit the spot so you end up buying more? Remember how satisfying and indeed necessary a greasy burger was, especially for processing the few beers you would have as a result of getting a burger and you would be alright.

These days things have changed. We are obesely health conscious. We eat, we drive, we watch all the shows, we play the video games, we are up to date with research, we talk on phones, we have a few… If there is anything wrong it’s people who don’t even drink telling us what we should do.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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