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There is a problem with the server that normally distributes the Culturazi email so, until the guy who can fix it sobers up from his attendance at today’s PM’s cricket match (ie. tomorrow), posting it here will have to do. And now that I think about it, it’d actually make sense to post it up here every week, so maybe I will.

Welcome to Culturazi #139

Domus Adultus Tonight with Special Guest!

Domus Adultus, the new CMC weekly night of music at Hippo Bar that kicked off spectacularly (excuse the hyperbole, but it was pretty damn good) last Thursday, continues this week and forever after, except for the week after next (12th Feb) where there was a pre-booked show associated with the Fringe Festival. Just a minute ago we discovered The Bionic Hearts’ bionics had failed, leaving us an act short for the night, and were all ‘woe is me’ and ‘spreckle ma cuckfard’ but along comes Alison Procter to pick up a barbecue for some event this weekend and she saves the day by agreeing she’ll probably be able to swing by (as if she had not enough other things to do) and sing a few songs, possibly even with our man, Drummer Dan, her beau and soon to be hubby who can, it is rumoured, play a bit of stretched goatskin or somesuch. Awesome. And a last chance for any remaining hopefuls to blag a root with Ms Procter before she weds. I’ll see you in the queue.

Fringe of the Fringe

The Fringe Festival, which sits on the fringe of some other festival, is in danger of becoming so big it needs a fringe in its own right. Maestro Jorian Gardner has picked all the high hanging fruit, the creme de la creme, the top of the barrel and the tips of the popes’ noses to present what promises to be a sumptuous feast of the senses, and as far as I can tell, aside from the king of fatuousness himself (Mssr. Grainey), it’s all local. If not, the first Monday night of the Fringe is definitely all local acts, it being run by the CMC… but that’s enough self promotion…

Casual Projects Ejectus

There’s a lot of stuff happening at the Fringe Festival, including, count ’em, five bloomin’ CD launches, but if you’re fond of farewells (and no I’m not talking about the Cashews who have already had three and have at least a dozen other farewell/last gig/last chance to blag a root occasions lined up this month or so), local punk/pop/ska maestros Casual Projects are playing their last show as a Canberra band there on Sat 7th amongst an awesome line-up of local talent. Don’t believe the Fringe web site which steadfastly insists they’re playing on Sunday, I have it straight from the donkey’s a**e that they’re on on Saturday night.

Singing is Good for You

Do you love to sing? Would you like to learn how to make the most of your voice to sing the music you love?

Music For Everyone presents an innovative group tuition program, SINGING – Rock, Pop, Jazz.  Develop your natural voice and learn the basic techniques for singing rock, pop, jazz and other contemporary styles, in an enjoyable and supportive group class environment.
Running on Tuesdays in school terms, there are classes for adults and NEW for 2009 a youth class for ages 14 to 17 years. No previous experience necessary to join this program.
To find out more, come along with your voice to a FREE Come & Try Session Tuesday 3 February at the Ainslie Arts Centre Elouera St Braddon: there’s a free session for youth at 5pm and for adults at 6pm.  Term 1 classes start the following week on Tuesday 10 February.
WHAT: Free Come & Try sessions for Singing Contemporary style: Rock, Pop, Jazz
WHEN: Tue 3 February – Session for Youth 14yrs-17yrs at 5pm; Session for Adults at 6pm
WHERE: Ainslie Arts Centre (old Ainslie Public School), corner of Elouera St & Donaldson St Braddon
WHO: Anyone who loves to sing and would like to learn how to sing their best!
COST: Free for Come and Try Session.  Term 1 fees $165 plus annual MFE membership


This is where you can pick up free tickets to shows around town, but in return you have to write a short review of the show. Send a reply email ( quoting the indicated text to win:

Domus Adultus @ Hippo, Alison Procter, Ted Conrick, Manouche a Trois, Briony Wills. Thursday, 8pm-midnight, $7/5 (members)(one double pass, email ‘Homus Corruptus’)
Del Ray @ The Merry Muse, 8pm, $15/12 (two singles, email ‘Del Ray’)
David Hyams & The Miles to Go Band @ Folkus, with KarismaKatz. 7.30pm, $23/$18 (one double, email ‘500 Miles’)

Need a noogle? Got findles that need fondling? Gertifieds is good. It’s free. Take advantage of it.


Thursday 29th January

The CMC Presents: Domus Adultus @ Hippo
Alison Procter, Ted Conrick, Manouche a Trois, Briony Wills. 8pm-midnight, $7/5 (members)

Friday 30th January

Del Ray @ The Merry Muse
8pm, $15/12

David Hyams & The Miles to Go Band @ Folkus
with KarismaKatz. 7.30pm, $23/$18

The Missing Lincolns Album Launch @ The Front
8pm, free

Surf, Skate, Slam @ The Basement
Space Party, Toxic Men, Charlie Greaser, Hytest, Australian Kingswood Factory, Reign of Terror. 8.30pm

Nice Verde’s @ The Pot Belly

Eaglehawk Music Festival @ Eaglehawk Hotel
Sharon Lane, Legless, Sean Hale, The Fry Brothers, End of Days, 3rd Strike, Julia & The Deep Sea Sirens, till Feb 1st

Saturday 31st January

Australian Kingswood Factory @ The Pot Belly

Nice Shoes @ Hippo
9pm, $7/5

Panta Rei Fusion Dance & Hand Drumming @ Civic Library
1-2pm 0405 638 910

Sunday 1st February

Legless @ The Hush Lounge

Rock School Concert @ National Museum
2pm, free

Monday 2nd February

The Bootleg Sessions @ The Phoenix
The Amazing Brainboy, Ray Alferink, Red Fire Roses, Dhopec, The Feldons. 8pm, free

Tuesday 3rd February

The Bridge Between @ Filthy McFaddens

The Big O @ ANUBar
Ben Lee, Bluejuice, Yves Klein Blue, Cassette Kids. $55.25+

Climate Day Action Summit @ Parliament House

Wednesday 4th February

The CMC Presents: Captain My Captain @ The Phoenix
Remember Little Grace, Trenton Smith, Jonno Zilber, Cartesian Discotech, Skadamouche. 8pm, free

Thursday 5th February

The CMC Presents: Domus Adultus @ Hippo
Sally Holiday, Big Score, DJ and the Karizmakats, Glenroi Heights. 8pm-midnight, $7/5 (members)

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