The Beez at the Folkus Room

by Jim

As we walked in the door of the new venue for the Folkus Room at the Italian Australian Club we were greeted by white tablecloths and candlelight which set the scene perfectly for the night’s entertainment.

The Beez, a group consisting of an ex-pat Australian, an American and two German ladies, played at the Folkus Room on Friday the 13th to a relatively small but appreciative audience. The Beez took us on a musical journey through various genres of music. Their speciality is taking well known songs and giving them a new treatment. On Friday they started with a good time version of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit before moving on to a Russian folk song. On their way they had a go at Madonna (Music), Kylie (Can’t get you out of my head) and AC/DC (You shook me all night long).

The band has tight harmonies and excellent musicianship with mandolin, guitar, piano accordion and acoustic bass as their standard setup with occasional unusual instrumentation like the African Kalimba (thumb –piano) or the water filled plastic bottle pan –pipes. Their take–off of the BeeGees (Stayin’ Alive) is very funny. They also showed their vocal talents on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

The Beez move seamlessly from bluegrass to country to traditional folk to jazz to acoustic rock and are willing and able to tackle any sort of song and give it a fresh approach. The Beez will be appearing at this year’s National Folk Festival at Easter.

Well worth a look  and it would be useful if you bring a wide knowledge of popular music to get all of the musical jokes.

On a finishing note I must say that Bill Arnett has found a wonderful new home for the Folkus Room and his programme of acts looks very exciting ().

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